Mapped drives are not showing in File Transfer mode


When using the File Transfer connection mode you cannot see the mapped drives in the list of files and folders.

There is a different solution to this problem depending on whether the drive that you want to see is mapped on the Viewer or Host side. In the File Transfer window the left pane shows files and folders on the Viewer (local) PC and the right pane shows files and folders on the Host (remote) PC:

File Transfer local and remote

Mapped drives on Viewer PC

If you cannot see the drives mapped on Viewer PC, this may be because you ran the Viewer with elevated privileges ("run as administrator"). To resolve this issue:

  1. Make sure that you can see the mapped drives in Windows Explorer on the Viewer PC.
  2. Run the Viewer as normal (i.e. NOT as administrator), by clicking on the program shortcut on the desktop.
  3. Connect in the File Transfer mode and see if the mapped drive/drives now show in the left (Viewer) pane.

Mapped drives on Host PC

If you cannot see the drives mapped on the Host PC (the right pane of the File Transfer window), try the solutions below.

Solution 1

  1. In the File Transfer mode window navigate to Access:
  2. In the Access menu select System: System menu in File Transfer

Solution 2

Try authorizing (connecting in) on remote Host using Windows Security authentication method. The Windows user whose credentials you use for logging in must be the same user who mapped the drives.

Note that when using Solution 2 you might need to switch back to User in the File Transfer mode's Access menu.

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