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About support levels

Our technical support is priority-based. Users and customers receive technical support according to their support levels in the order listed below:

  • Pro — customers with a PRO or SITE license.
  • Mini — customers with a MINI license.
  • Starter — customers with a STARTER license.
  • Basic — free and trial users.

Technical support is guaranteed for the Pro, Mini and Starter levels. Customers with these support levels are eligible for personalized assistance through the Ticket System and can also post on the Community forum.

Technical support is not guaranteed for the Basic support level. Users with this level can only post on the Community forum. However, we do our best to respond to Basic support requests provided that higher-priority customer requests have been taken care of.

I'm a paid customer. How do I enable my support level?

Support level that corresponds to your purchased license will be set automatically if you registered on the site with the same email address that you had used as the delivery email address for your order. If this didn't happen or if you used a different email address you can always set your support level manually.

  1. Log in in the Customer Area.
  2. On the My account page click Upgrade support level.
  3. Paste your license key in the form and click Submit.

Provided that you have a valid license key your support level should be changed from Basic to Starter, Mini or Pro depending on your license type.

For more information about our support policy please visit this page.

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