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Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 2023)

Jun 20, 2015 8:11:45 pm EDT

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the feedback.

We no longer provide this feature because it's making the tool suspicious in the eyes of security/antivirus software - something that we wholeheartedly want to avoid.  Remote Utilities is a tool for remote administration and remote support, not for spying.

We are working on building more trust with our customers and antivirus software vendors. Getting rid of this "dubious" feature was just necessary. Hope you understand.   :)

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Alt+Tab and Windows+Tab to local PC?

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 2023)

Jun 20, 2015 2:02:49 pm EDT

Hello John,

Remote Utilities update now allows you to switch to windows on the local desktop by hitting Shift + Alt + Tab. See what's new in version

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Coming from logmein n teamviewer

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 2023)

Jun 19, 2015 6:28:33 am EDT

Wholly support your request, let me know your presidents email

I will just show this thread to the boss  :)

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Coming from logmein n teamviewer

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 2023)

Jun 18, 2015 6:13:28 am EDT


Thank you for the kind words! It should be noted that the primary speed factor is the number and location of our intermediary servers around the globe. Currently, our intermediary servers are optimized for the US and Canada, but we'll expand our geography soon.

Meanwhile, if you are located in another part of the world and you want to make the most out of Remote Utilities you can deploy and use your own self-hosted server as an intermediary for ID connections. It's an entirely free option and doesn't require much work.

As for local networks or situations when the remote PC is directly accessible over the Internet by its IP address (e.g. via port forwarding), Remote Utilities establishes a direct point-to-point connection so the ping/connectivity with the ID server is not important, because it's not being used.

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Informing remote user about my presence

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 2023)

Jun 16, 2015 7:21:01 am EDT

Host is running as a SYSTEM account but you will only be able to change its settings from under an administrator account on that (Host) machine.

There is a different way though. Just use Remote settings to change the host settings from the Viewer regardless of what Windows account is active on the remote machine.

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Is there a Host api?

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 2023)

Jun 16, 2015 7:18:28 am EDT

Hi Jeremy,

There is no API but there are command line parameters:

Viewer and Host
RU Server

Hope that helps.

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Coming from logmein n teamviewer

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 2023)

Jun 16, 2015 7:09:15 am EDT

Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for your message.

Set up the Host with default internet iD for connection. I can add the host to my Viewer but could not connect to it.

We have a dedicated knowledge base /troubleshooting article with possible causes and solutions. See Internet ID connection not working.

However, I spent about 30-60mins before I could get a connection through. I needed both RUServer and Host to be on same PC. Reading the manuals and trying all sorts of port forwarding and connections.

A possible reason why you couldn't connect with the default ID server is that either on the Host side and/or on the Viewer side the perimeter firewall or ISP blocked outgoing access (i.e. port) to our primary ID server.

This is quite rare a situation and it might occur in very strict network environments. In this case it is recommended indeed to use your own ID server.

Now I'm more confident of what RU needed, I installed host for internet iD via default RU servers. It worked (dont know what happen when I first tried).

You can take a look at Ports used by Remote Utilities. This way you will know where to look if you have any connectivity issues. Oftentimes, blocked ports is the primary reason why there is no connectivity.

Only snag is speed of screen draw. [censored] is fastest then tv. RU is similar to VNC/ms RDP.
I guess when more users contribute some funds to RU, they will improve.

Speed and performance may vary from tool to tool and across different environments. Also, some manufacturers use a trick - the color depth and other options/settings that influence performance are adjusted automatically depending on your connection speed, so you perceive a better speed as compared with a tool that doesn't have such auto-adjuestment. Remote Utilities doesn't. But you can change performance option manually, see this article.  

In summary, Remote Utilities is a great replacement. To be honest and not in anyway downgrading RU's usability, RU is akin to an early 2000 app in its look and feel. BUT everything works, I say works with a caveat that in any software app there are bugs and incompatibilities depending on how clean the machine is, its installed on.

Thank you. Our paradigm is not to make the tool look fancy but to make it do its job :) Although, interface and usability also matter.

Oh I must add this, from answers (he gave to me)and his reply in this forum, Conrad Sallian as compared to the other tech support of the other remote logins apps, is Right-on the ball with answers to questions. He is polite without being arrogant about his knowledge and respectful of other users skills and knowledge.

It is time for me to ask for a pay raise  :)

As much as I like free stuff, as they say on torrents, please seeeed. For RU, PLEASE pay some money so we would have a greater product then [censored] . If you are using free licence consider making a donation. We are techies charging money for our time, reciprocate a portion to RU as well.

Thank you! Still, everyone can use a free license without a donation , no problem. We only ask everyone not to break the EULA and purchase the commercial license when they go beyond the free license limits.

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Agent.exe won't run if Cryptolocker Prevention policies are in place

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 2023)

Jun 14, 2015 3:06:26 pm EDT


Could that be that the administrator set this policy exactly because they don't want various "agents" to  run? :) If so, perhaps it's not a technical issue but rather an "administrative" one.

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Recommendation: right-click AGENT.exe, "Run as Administrator"

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 2023)

Jun 14, 2015 3:02:57 pm EDT

Hello Angus,

So is it good or bad?  :)

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Updating software

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 2023)

Jun 14, 2015 2:41:22 pm EDT

Hello Bretislav,

Bretislav Duda wrote:
How update Agent without change ID and pass, please?

There is no such thing as "updating Agent" in common sense because you do not install the Agent, you run its executable right away. When run, the Agent generates a new ID and password. However, this ID and password stays the same the second, third etc. time you run the Agent on the same PC.

If you need a permanent access to the remote computer use the Host instead. Everything you can do with the Agent you can also do with the Host. If you need to configure attended access with the Host, just use the Notification panel and Ask user permission options.

And ...

any chance build code with features auto update agent via download from defined links, BEFORE run agent?

And feature ... reload runing Agend after reboot PC?


Do you mean Agent or Host?

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