Is there a Host api?
Host api

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 1611)

Sep 19, 2015 10:23:57 am EDT

Hello Christopher,

You should specify the ID itself after the Host. The full command is:

rutview.exe /name:123-456-789 /FULLCONTROL /CREATE /HOST:123-456-789
Hope that helps.

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Hide Password Box on Agent?

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 1611)

Sep 18, 2015 5:28:02 am EDT

Hello Christopher,

I created an Agent.exe and I input Username / Passwords for Tech logins. So I don't have a need for the customer to read a password to us. We just need them to give us the ID. Is there a way to remove the password box under the ID? I'd feel better with it removed... since I think it would be a security issue if someone walks by their computer and uses the ID and password to log in. So if the password box is hidden I have nothing to worry about. ;)

Yes, that makes a good feature suggestion and in fact we recently added it to our wish list by a request from another user. Your post assures us even more that this feature is important.

Thanks!! RU is awesome software!!

Thank you for the kind words  :)

I'm currently creating my own internet portal for Remote Tech Support at my company that utilizes RU. :) Kind of like LogMeIn has.

We are currently working on beta 6.5 that is going to have a lot of interesting features. So stay tuned!

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ios 9.0 and remote utilities - not working
Remote Utilities app not working in iOS 9.0

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 1611)

Sep 17, 2015 5:26:37 pm EDT

Hello Mike,

Yes, we managed to reproduce/confirm the issue. We are working on the update and it will be available soon.


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International ??

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 1611)

Sep 14, 2015 2:29:18 pm EDT

Hello Frank,

No ideas other than that the Wi-Fi networks you connected too were restrictive enough to block access to our intermediary server. Or just block certain outgoing ports used.

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FR: BlackBerry 10 Viewer

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 1611)

Sep 13, 2015 10:07:52 am EDT

Hello Andreas,

Thank you for the suggestion. We'll certainly take a note, and see if we can implement than at some point in the future.

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RU Server can not connect
RUServer Conncetion Problem

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 1611)

Sep 09, 2015 1:39:36 pm EDT

Hello Larry,

Looks like a port conflict. Make sure that the port that you use for RU Server (in the RU Server Admin Console -> File -> Network settings) is not also used by another software or service.

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Can not connect to any host
from Yesterday Can not connected to any host

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 1611)

Sep 08, 2015 9:31:43 am EDT


We updated DNS records for the primary server, so it took some time for the NS records to update worldwide. Usually, it's almost instant but depending on the region/location updating the DNS records may take as much as several hours.

Please, check your connection now.

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Nothing works

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 1611)

Sep 07, 2015 5:50:24 am EDT

Hi Chris,

I can get it to work now but only if I put in the internet ID (with dashes), let it try and connect, put in password, it connects, then I get out and edit the entry.

Yes, that kind of a stupid way it is working now, I agree :) But we'll fix it quite soon.

Don't hesitate to ask me if you have other questions.

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System requirements (Android)

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 1611)

Sep 04, 2015 7:13:08 am EDT

Hello Mike,

This is probably because it's x86-based mobile device. This architecture is not yet supported, but not in our product per se, but by the IDE that we use to build it.

So we are waiting until the developers of the IDE will add support for x86 processors on mobile devices.

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Nothing works

Conrad Sallian, Administrator (Posts: 1611)

Sep 04, 2015 7:06:21 am EDT

Hello Chris,

Thank you for your message.

There is a caption field which I assume you can type whatever you want and this is just a "name" for the entry.


A host field which I assume you put in your internet ID of the host.

Yes, ID, IP address or DNS name, just like you do in the "Add new connection" dialog in the Desktop Viewer.  

Speaking of which, there are other posts in this forum that say to type your internet ID exactly as shown on the host, and it's case sensitive. All my hosts have numerical Internet IDs so there is no case to be sensitive about, so that doesn't make sense.

Starting version 6 we abandoned old format IDs. Now all IDs have the format XXX-XXX-XXX, where X is a number. We didn't purge the old forum posts though.  

I've seen posts about the GMS server and a screenshot of that setting but that's not in the latest version. I see RU server settings.

GMS = RU Server, we changed the name recently to reflect new roles taken by the server.

The only thing I can get to work on iOS is connecting to a host inside the same network but only if I use the Russian-text version of your app and only if I use the real IP address of the host and only if I leave RU server field blank.

I don't get it. I just can't figure this iOS app out. Why are there 2 versions in the store?

The Russian mobile version is supposed to be used with the Russian desktop version. You are not recommended to use it. Please, use the English version instead. The one that has the name "Remote Utilities".

Do I need to delete and reinstall the iOS app?

Uninstall both ones and re-install "Remote Utilities" only.

Can you PLEASE create iOS specific instructions. The links in the forum to the documentation doesn't help iOS users. I really love the desktop apps, but this iOS app is driving me nuts. I've tried every combination. I have all my ports defaulted on the server/host and open in my router firewall. I am missing something simple, I just can't figure out what it is. Any help would be very much appreciated.

You are absolutely right, the mobile version needs re-design and we are actually going to do that very soon. Right after we release desktop version 6.5, which has very important improvements and fixes, we will get down to working on the redefined mobile version. Namely, the address book will be completely redesigned and will look much like the desktop address book (folders, connection properties etc.) , so there will no longer be a plain pop down list of connections. Also, we are planning to add the ability to import/export the mobile book, and even synchronize it.

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