Version 6.9 Beta - main discussion

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2338)

Oct 10, 2018 11:02:57 am EDT

Hi Cristian ,

We couldn't reproduce the issue. All three commands are working perfectly.

Could you show us the full syntax that you use in the command line (preferably a screenshot)?

Will not install

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2338)

Oct 10, 2018 10:49:20 am EDT

Hi John,

Is this happening on a single machine or on different machines that you control?

Version 6.9 Beta - main discussion

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2338)

Oct 09, 2018 1:49:44 pm EDT

Cristian Braun wrote:

I cant update the server because the MSI says its already installed.
I dont want to uninstall it before reinstall because im afraid to lose any config/address book/etc.

How would be the right way to update from beta 1 to beta 2?

Hi Cristian,

You are updating RU Server, correct? If you simply uninstall the server beta 1 using Windows control panel, restart the PC and then install beta 2. Your data will remain intact.

But if you are still unsure just use a safety net - copy (back up) the three data folders from server installation folder as well as the server registry entry. This is more information about where the server keeps it data:

Hope that helps.

Version 6.9 Beta - main discussion

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2338)

Oct 09, 2018 1:28:25 pm EDT

Hello AnrDaemon,

I don't know the difference between "mini chat" and "full chat" (they look rather same to me), but for the sake of clarity, I right-clicked the connection and called "chat" mode, then minimized the chat window.

I am sorry for not making it clear. The mini-chat is just an extension to the regular chat mode that you ran. Mini-chat looks like a panel at the right hand side of the Full Control window. It allows you to chat during a remote session without switching to the dedicated chat window. Here is more about the mini chat.

EAV'd again in most generic of all circumstances. Simple attempt to connect to a remote system, auth is from the same domain the remote is a member of. No other domain controllers online.

I think that it is time that we suggest having a remote session and helping you out directly. Unfortunately, there are no other ideas why this might be happening and we need to see your setup with our own eyes.

If this is an option for you, please let us know at and we will discuss the details.


Unable to enter the password in the password field

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2338)

Oct 09, 2018 4:15:36 am EDT

Hello Antoine,

Thank you for your post.

Could you take a screenshot of the screen and send it here. If there is any personally identifiable information, such as your Internet-ID , please paint it out before posting the screenshot.

Will not install

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2338)

Oct 09, 2018 4:04:37 am EDT

Hello John,

Please, do the following:

1. Add the Host installer to your antivirus software exceptions list. Specifically, add two folders to the exceptions:  the folder where you downloaded the installer (I also recommend that you re-download the file) and the target folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Remote Utilities - Host". The latter may not be created yet, just add it manually to your a/v exceptions.

2. Clean up the older installation. Follow this Uninstall Host guide.

3. You may also check the Microsoft Fixit tool in case you cannot get rid of your previous installation.

Once you complete the steps above, restart your computer and try installing again. Make sure that the Windows account has full administrative privileges because they are required when installing the Host (it runs as a system service after the installation).

Hope that helps.

Will not install

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2338)

Oct 08, 2018 4:27:47 pm EDT

Hi John,

You are installing version , not the beta. Is that correct?

Will not install

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2338)

Oct 08, 2018 3:14:43 pm EDT

Hello John,  

Thank you for your message.

In this installation step the program asks you to set Host access password. I.e. there is a child window that should appear in front of the main wizard window. This is how it looks like:

If you cannot see this window make sure that it's still there - maybe it was just hidden behind the wizard or minimized. There used to be a bug that could do that but we fixed it some time ago. Also, make sure that you download the program from this site and not elsewhere. The only official download pages are these (stable version) (beta version).  

Hope that helps.

Version 6.9 Beta - main discussion

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2338)

Oct 08, 2018 10:41:35 am EDT


AnrDaemon wrote:

I have a feeling that there's a suppressed crash on closing the main application with a chat window open.
The notable "blip" could be heard and the notification icon stays in tray area until you hover it.

Do you mean the "mini-chat" (a built-in chat in the Full Control mode) or the regular Text Chat mode?

"This connection mode is disabled" - which "this" ? There's no mention of the attempted connection mode in the notification balloon or in the message dialog.
Change the title to something like "Access denied - <mode>", please.

It makes sense, thanks. I will add your suggestion to our wish list.

Wish I could connect to a new host. It says the access is denied/chosen connection mode disabled on host, no matter what I try.
Thank God I managed to enable RDP before starting these experiments.

The access is enabled for local Administrators group. The user I attempt to connect with is both a direct member of it and the member of Domain Admins group, which is also a member of it.

I assume that you are referring to using "Windows security" as your authentication method.

The user I attempt to connect with

That is, the user whose credentials you enter in the authorization prompt, correct?

Could you send me a screenshot of your Host settings, namely the window where you set permissions for the account that you then use to authorize on the remote Host. You can send the screenshot to


File transfer constantly fails to change directories and windows size

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2338)

Oct 06, 2018 9:32:20 am EDT

Hello Alan,

Please, try the following:

1. Fully exit the Viewer (File -> Exit).

2. Locate the file config_4.xml in the Remote Utilities Viewer %appdata% folder.

3. Remove the file from that folder. Send the file to us for examination at . This file doesn't contain any sensitive data, just your license information and Viewer settings. We want to check if it was corrupted somehow.

4. Start the Viewer. It should re-create the file again, you will need to re-enter your license key.

5. Start the File Transfer mode, resize its window to your liking, then close the Viewer and again open it and start the File Transfer mode. The program must remember the size that you set the last time.

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