Question on Business Class License - One "Operator"

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2239)

Jan 23, 2014 2:59:39 pm EST

Herb Salls wrote:
OK, so that's what I really wanted. I have users who have to use from home. I have "me" who has to manage from here. I now think you are right - the per computer model is probably a better choice for the 10 users who need to come in from home. Not everyone does here.

And again, just to be sure, this per computer license (as I read it) is permanent. We own it, no annual renewals, no annual fees, We purchase it and that's it. Major upgrades for a year. And then you'll treat us right with reasonable upgrade costs after that year expires. Right?


Yes, the license is lifetime for the current major version (5.x in this case). We also have a clearly stated upgrade policy . Existing customers get 40% discount when they upgrade major-version, IF they want to upgrade. It's not mandatory. If the major version is released with a year since their purchase, the upgrade is free.

Question on Business Class License - One "Operator"

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2239)

Jan 23, 2014 2:30:03 pm EST

Herb Salls wrote:
OK, and RU works through your firewall(s) to find the target.
Sorry for all these questions. I just want to make sure before we lay down the money.
Frankly, this is almost too good to be true...

Is your company located in the US or is it overseas?


You are probably interested how we know that the allowed license count is respected. :) It's simple, our Internet ID servers watch that. Therefore, if you have 1 "per operator" license, you:

1. Can connect from any number of Viewers to any Hosts registered with your license.

2. At any given moment only one Viewer machine can use the software ( a single session or multiple concerrent sessions, it doesn't matter).

If it's easier for you to understand this license, you can think term "channel", like another popular software uses. But in our opinion, "per operator" works better because, in fact, concurrent sessions from one machine are never restricted.

So if you have a certain number of Hosts, and several people that need to connect to those Hosts simultaneously, then the "per remote PC" option is better, perhaps. I recommend taking a look at our Licensing page, because it provides some examples  

Our development team is located in Russia - Moscow and Rostov-on-Don. Legally, we are registered in the republic of Seychelles. The bulk of our paid customers are from the US, as one might expect.

Question on Business Class License - One "Operator"

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2239)

Jan 23, 2014 1:54:47 pm EST

Herb Salls wrote:
I'm still a little unsure. The viewer - can it be used by regular users to gain access to their computer, like from home to work? Similar to what we used to do with LMI?


Yes, they can. Once the Host is registered, it's registered. The license has been applied. Anyone can connect to that Host.
Of course, they need to know its IP, ID or DNS and the access password to be able to connect successfully.

Host not found

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2239)

Jan 23, 2014 1:31:45 pm EST

Scott Berg wrote:


ON the host I do see a blue circle so it is communicating with the media server.

I typed the internet ID exactly as is with the dashes and all and put upper cases.

I was able to connect to is successfully from another computer via a viewer, just not on my ipad. I have no anti-virus or firewall software on my ipad.

Couple of questions:

1. Could you please verify that the mobile Viewer version number is It's displayed at the top right corner of the main screen. Note that the mobile version numbers are not directly related to desktop version numbers. The number above represents the latest iOS version.

2.  When you attempt connection, is the Viewer "thinking" for a while before showing you the "Host not found" message? Or does that message pops up immediately when you click "Connect", without a pause?  

Question on Business Class License - One "Operator"

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2239)

Jan 23, 2014 1:22:47 pm EST

Herb Salls wrote:
Oh OK, I get it. The license key isn't embedded in the Viewer - it's on the host. Therefore I can install the Viewer wherever and whenever I need it, right? So my back up op can have the viewer on his screen. Very handy...



Host not found

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2239)

Jan 23, 2014 12:12:10 pm EST

Scott Berg wrote:
Seem to be having the same problem as in the android forums.

No matter what I put in the box, be it the internet id, my internet ip or even the internal network ip I keep getting the host not found error.

I'm on the latest version of both ipad app and the windows host app

Is it a bug in the program or is it something I'm doing wrong?

Hello Scott,

It looks like a firewall/antivirus issue. First, check the Host side and I recommend doing that with the Internet ID. Make sure that you can see a blue sphere/circle beside the Host icon. It means that the Host successfully connected to a mediation server.

Then type the Internet ID into the mobile Viewer exactly (i.e. it's case-sensitive) as it is shown in the Host and try to connect. If it doesn't connect, then the problem is on the Viewer side. Is there any mobile firewall/antivirus or other security software on your phone that might affect connectivity?

Question on Business Class License - One "Operator"

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2239)

Jan 23, 2014 10:56:10 am EST

Herb Salls wrote:
Hi - Found Remote Utils. Great looking stuff. I am scrambling around trying to fix what LMI broke with their recent announcement...

I want to purchase the "one operator" license of RU for our small business (<40 workstations). It's enough of a cost savings over GoToMyPC for our size operation to warrant a purchase of something pro level as this appears to be.

Question: I will be the one operator almost 95% of the time. But, I go on vacation for 2 weeks. I need to have someone cover. How does RU want me to handle this? IOW, am I permitted to "transfer" the one operator license to a second party inside our building on his machine and take it off of mine? Or let's say I retire. Same deal. How does the "one operator" system work when the original "one owner" is out?



Hello Herb,

Thank you for your question!

The actual module that you register with your product key is the Host module on the remote PC. Only with the "per operator" license the number of Remote PCs is unlimited.

You can register remote PCs en masse, or embed your product key into the Host installer, or even register the remote PC "on demand". That's why it's handy to keep your license key in the license key storage in the Viewer to use when needed.

The License Key Storage in the Viewer is for convenience, that is to store your license at hand. You can install as many Viewers on as many machines as you need and add your product key there to the storage. If you own 1 "per operator" license, it means that you can work from one Viewer machine at a time, any machine. There's no hardware binding.  

Again, one machine doesn't mean one concurrent connection/session. You can establish as many concurrent connections from the same machine to as many PCs you need.

The fact that we ask to register Hosts, even with the operator license, is for a reason. This helps us support and offer two very different licensing models (per remote PC and per operator).

Hope that helps. Please, don't hesitate to ask more questions.

Keyboard assignments

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2239)

Jan 23, 2014 8:50:21 am EST

Hello Michael,

Thank you for our suggestion. We will add that to our wish list.

Bug version

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2239)

Jan 23, 2014 8:29:19 am EST

Robert Langren wrote:
Not fixed

Hi Robert,

Hm. Perhaps it's just hard to say from here what exactly is the problem until we see that with our own eyes. Are you available for a support session? We could connect to your Viewer PC (just install the Host on it) and then try to diagnose the issue by trying to connect from your Viewer to the Windows 8.1 Host.

Please, send a message to and let us know what date and time is suitable for a remote session. Thanks!

keyboard shift key

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2239)

Jan 22, 2014 10:32:55 pm EST

Michael Taylor wrote:
I just noticed when I need to type a capital letter I usually use shift key but its not working, also if I need to type a sybol I would type shift+4 for $ but it doesn't seem to work on any of my host computer when using the viewer

I just noticed was released this version seems to have fixed this issue

thank you

Hi Michael,

You are welcome. If the issue comes up again, don't hesitate to let us know.

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