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Dual monitor problems on host

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Marc Laferriere, User (Posts: 8)

May 06, 2014 2:55:49 pm EDT

Jamie Ward wrote:

I don't have any unused hosts that I could check right at the moment. I will do this before work hours tomorrow and report back.

Also, to touch on Marc's comment about the "randomly appear and disappear", I've noticed that the host "forgets" that there are two monitors and will at times show both monitors again after having shown only the main monitor for a while. I've noticed this when I've been installing Windows updates. So if I had to guess, Windows was updating some drivers, probably video drivers, and this is when the host gets all twitchy and can't decide if it's going to you the main monitor or both monitors.

That's a good description, however i was not doing updates, and at times when it would happen, i was actually doing nothing but sitting on the desktop. And again, the on screen sizes are as if there are 2 monitors at all times


I've found that closing and reopening the viewer *always* fixes the problem. Not just sometimes. Unless I'm installing Windows updates as mentioned above. Then all bets are off.

I was having to open and close the viewer window often, due to the aforementioned performance issues(I could see the preview had updated, but the viewer window wouldn't. Closing and reopening would refresh the viewer image, but sometimes i would get the second monitor again, and the inability to switch it. Or also, i could select just the one monitor, but nothing would happen.

Again, i'm not sure how much the performance issues are affecting this issue. I will try to watch for a pattern later, as i have more work to do on the same host, and will update this thread

Anton Kalugin, User (Posts: 210)

May 06, 2014 2:58:38 pm EDT


Marc Laferriere wrote:
It should be noted i had SERIOUS performance issues on both windows 8 PC's i've connected to, that i didn't have on the windows 7 PC. I'm working on trying to resolve them, but perhaps they are contributing to the issue.

I think, that they are contributing to the issue. Probably there is some problem with graphic card driver or anything else.


I myself have a dual monitor configiration at home and at work. And the second monitor always blank on login screen. Computer does not send a signal to the second monitor at that time, thats why RU can not work with it properly.

Anton Kalugin, User (Posts: 210)

May 06, 2014 3:02:44 pm EDT


Could you please try to switch color depth mode to any mode other than 15-bit. (Connection Properties -> Additional Properties)

Jamie Ward, User (Posts: 13)

May 06, 2014 3:27:11 pm EDT

Anton Kalugin wrote:
Hello, Jamie.

Could I ask you, do you have an image on your second monitor while you are at the login screen?


At the login screen there is no image on the second monitor. After login, I see the full desktop on both monitors. See links below. At this point you must disconnect from the host then reconnect in order to be able to choose a single monitor.

Before login:
After login:
Edited:Jamie Ward - May 06, 2014 3:28:36 pm EDT

Marc Laferriere, User (Posts: 8)

May 06, 2014 3:36:15 pm EDT

Anton Kalugin wrote:

Could you please try to switch color depth mode to any mode other than 15-bit. (Connection Properties -> Additional Properties)

Sure. I'll be connecting to the same host in a little while(Just waiting for the user to be done her shift) and will advise

Marc Laferriere, User (Posts: 8)

May 09, 2014 10:51:14 am EDT

Just as an update. I was using the 16-Bit colour mode, i put it down to 8, and along with a few other tweaks, seems to have solved my performance issue, and the dual monitor issue i previously spoke of. I have more computers i need to work on, so if i encounter the issue again i'll update this thread with any info, screen shots i can provide

Caleb Christopher, User (Posts: 1)

Oct 11, 2016 11:42:55 am EDT

I also had resolution when going from 8bit color to 4, and adjusting the framerate down from 15 to ~8.

Charles T, User (Posts: 15)

Mar 03, 2017 11:44:55 pm EST

I tried the above and am unable to switch between individual monitors. I know that this computer has a single video card with vga + hdmi outputs. I have a second computer with multiple monitors via displaylink/second video card, and it seems to switch just fine.

Monitor driver installed for both hosts.

Edit: after restarting the viewer a few times it seems to have worked across the board..

sorry for the bump for no reason
Edited:Charles T - Mar 04, 2017 12:25:35 am EST

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2450)

Mar 05, 2017 2:20:12 am EST

Hi Charles,

Just in case - the monitor driver is used for the blank remote host feature. It doesn't affect the multi-monitor capabilities per se, nor your ability to switch between monitors.

In fact , we only recommend to install the monitor driver if you need the "blank remote screen" feature, that is if you provide remote assistance and need to hide your actions from the person sitting at the remote end (e.g. for security reasons). Otherwise, you can clear the "Install monitor driver" checkbox during Host installation, or uninstall the driver in the already installed Host from the Settings for Host -> Options -> Driver.

Márcio André, User (Posts: 2)

Dec 11, 2019 6:18:07 pm EST

Hello everyone

Sorry to bring this old thread back to life, but, this is still happening.
I have 1 desktop computer with 2 monitors, and I often connect to it with my laptop.
I have already pinned the option to sel ect Monitor 1 as default, but most of the times, when I open the connection, the window displays both monitors together. If I click on the monitor button, nothing happens. Or sometimes, it does comes up with the Monitor 1 or 2 to select, I pick 1 and nothing happens. Or sometimes, it does the trick and removes Monitor 2 fr om viewing. If this fails, I close the connection and try again. Usually works. But is still boring to perform each time I connect.

Edited:Márcio André - Dec 11, 2019 6:19:36 pm EST

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