Display error admin mode / remote desktop !?

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Andreas Lehmann, User (Posts: 12)

Mar 30, 2020 7:59:30 am EDT

If I install software on a remote PC and want to enter the administrator account and password on this PC, for example when installing on the remote computer, the input window for the user account is not displayed! Only the customer sees this in front of the remote PC. Once the customer has entered the administrator's data, I cannot carry out the installation because the installation window cannot be used by me.

The same applies to the status bar of a remote desktop that I start on the remote PC. Behind the bar of Remote Utilies you should see the bar from the Remote Desktop (Fig. 2). It is only shown briefly and disappears again.


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Display error admin mode / remote desktop !?Display error admin mode / remote desktop !?

Polina, Support (Posts: 1175)

Mar 30, 2020 2:26:56 pm EDT

Hello Andreas,

Thank you for your message.

Could you please clarify if I'm right in assuming that you use the RDP/RDP-over-ID connection mode?
If this is the case, then could you please try enabling the Capture alpha-blending windows feature in the Connection properties window -> Additional properties tab and see if this helps to resolve the issue?
If the issue persists, then, perhaps, it's caused by the group policy settings. In order to resolve this, please try enabling the following group policy option on the remote Host machine that might allow you to remotely interact with UAC prompts:
Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\User Account Control: Allow UIAccess applications to prompt for elevation without using the secure desktop
However, please note that the RDP connection mode only allows you to launch the native Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client from within Remote Utilities and connect to a remote computer using the RDP protocol.

In addition, I recommend that you consider using the Execute connection mode or the Full Control connection mode instead.

As for the RDP toolbar issue - could you please clarify if you have tried pinning the toolbar using the pin icon on the toolbar itself?

Looking forward to your reply.

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