can't direct connect to Agent

john kumpf, User (Posts: 44)

Aug 13, 2015 11:57:21 am EDT

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You're a genius ;)

That worked.

can't direct connect to Agent

john kumpf, User (Posts: 44)

Aug 13, 2015 2:55:20 am EDT

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I have Agent.exe running on remote Windows 7 PC.
I am running portable viewer on local Windows 7 PC.
Both are v6.3.0.6.
I was previously running v5.6 host on this remote PC, and that is still installed, but not running.
I confirmed that the Usoris service is off.
I CAN connect via Internet ID.
But I can NOT connect via Direct Connect.

I tried everything in Direct connection not working

I added the agent.exe to the firewall and confirmed it was for "All Ports".
Confirmed both agent and viewer connection were doing 5650 port.
Confirmed IPv6 was off in both agent and viewer connection.
All connection modes are on in the agent.
I can ping the IP address of the remote PC from the viewer computer.
I can even access it via explorer on the viewer PC using \\
I have restarted the viewer and agent--still can't connect direct.

Any other ideas? Maybe I just have to uninstall the v5.6 host.

EDIT: I uninstalled the v5.6 host and it still has the same behavior. However I have not restarted the remote PC yet.

Also, the error message in the log was EIdConnectTimeout
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RUT Download Failure

john kumpf, User (Posts: 44)

Jul 01, 2015 5:43:02 pm EDT

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conrad, pm me.

RUT Download Failure

john kumpf, User (Posts: 44)

Jun 30, 2015 8:21:29 pm EDT

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One workaround is to zip the file with encryption with a password as i explain in a related post in this forum here:

Another workaround for downloading agent.exe in Firefox which results in: blocked: may contain a virus or spyware

john kumpf, User (Posts: 44)

Jun 30, 2015 8:07:41 pm EDT

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Hello again!

So, an upd ate. When zipping with 7-Zip it has the option of Encrypting with a password. If I do that, then none of the antivirus's on can see thru it. It's reported as safe. Presumably, then, it would be allowed to download.

I certainly hear your point about making it as easy for the end-user as possible. However, if the download fails, then that's not easy. I have tried this, and with default windows installation, you can just:

  • download the .zip file
  • double click on the downloaded file (or click 'Run') (which actually opens window's zip browser)
  • then double click on agent.exe that is displayed (which is actually "in" the .zip file)
  • type in the password
  • windows does the work of extracting to temp file and running

So, it is really just two more steps, just one more double-click, and typing a password, which is still pretty easy. You're probably on the phone with them walking them thru it.

Then, once you're in, you can extract agent.exe to desktop, or remote install host, or file transfer another agent.exe from your machine to remote.

And you can use the task scheduler to re-start agent outside of the .zip file extracted to the temp dir. Here's some .bat file code i use:

:: this editor is putting a space in all my 'set' commands making them 'se t'
se t future_time=19:05

:: rutserv or agent :
se t path_to_rutsrv=C:\some\path\to\rutserv.exe
se t path_to_rutsrv=C:\some\path\to\agent.exe

:: the /rl is priviledge level
:: the /f means overwrite task
:: the quotes are necessary
::   1. to handle the space in eg program files
::   2. to allow the /start to not be processed by schtasks itself but parsed and passed on
::      as part of the /tr
::   3. so that the first space does not delimited programs and parametrs in task scheduler
:: and you dont need /start at all for agent.exe

schtasks /create /sc once /tn rut_restart /tr "'%path_to_rutsrv%' /start" /st %future_time% /rl highest
schtasks /query /tn rut_restart /v /fo list

RUT Download Failure

john kumpf, User (Posts: 44)

Jun 30, 2015 7:02:38 pm EDT

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I just downloaded agent.exe v6.3 in Firefox 38.0.5 from
(direct link to file: )
sha256 = 1b71e579af7c138736de3dce6fcfa1c3a173be66be0e8bf5a8ffbd70a4a1­1296

And it downloaded without incident. A previous failure downloading in firefox was reported in this form: Downloading agent.exe in Firefox results in: blocked may contain a virus or spyware--but now it appears to work.  In that older post it suggests to workaround by setting 'browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled' to false. But i did not need that this time; mine was set to true.

I also just tried in Chrome Browser "Version 43.0.2357.130 m" and it resulted in "agent.exe may harm your browsing experience, so Chrome has blocked it." There used to be a drop-down menu choice "Keep" but that's gone now. But you can go into "Show all downloads" and click "Recover malicious file" then you get another popup and have to click "Keep anyway" altho these exact details of what to click and what the exact text says will probably change over time.

Of course this is just to download it in the browser. Then you have to get thru your antivirus perhaps once when downloading and perhaps again when invoking.
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Alt+Tab and Windows+Tab to local PC?

john kumpf, User (Posts: 44)

Jun 22, 2015 10:23:04 am EDT

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It's interesting because Alt + Tab currently moves you forward in the list of windows, and Shift + Alt + Tab currently moves you backwards in the list of windows. I personally do already currently use Shift + Alt + Tab to move backwards in windows. So this new feature will mask that old feature, but only on the remote PC.  I wonder, is the hotkey selection settable?

But, anyway, i can also use Windows + Tab and Shift + Windows + Tab to go forward and backward thru the windows (in a different order, most recently used) and i use that a lot, and that's still there.

This is a big step forward. Thanks!

Agent with UN-checked IPv6 by default

john kumpf, User (Posts: 44)

Mar 04, 2015 4:36:52 pm EST

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Ah, so as explained above, i can use the configurator to create an agent with an UN-checked IpV6, however, then the resulting file will have a unique md5/sha1 hash. That means new anti-virus programs will flag it as uncommon/suspicious. It can't be whitelisted at google like your standard agent.exe. I mean, i can ask, but they may never get to my request.

Will the agent.exe resulting from the configurator be digitally signed by Usoris under your certificate?

Agent with UN-checked IPv6 by default

john kumpf, User (Posts: 44)

Mar 04, 2015 11:40:00 am EST

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It was with your hosted service, the default. I dont have my own RU server running. And i have not tried this again since i posted so i dont have any more data on it. But thanks for looking into it.

Agent with UN-checked IPv6 by default

john kumpf, User (Posts: 44)

Feb 20, 2015 3:51:58 am EST

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AH HA! I did not know the MSI configurator could be used to create a new agent. I thot it only wrote an .msi installer. i see now on that page it can create .msi, .exe, or agent.exe. OK great i will check that out.

As for why connection actually failed....

How long does it take from an agent.exe invocation to the Internet-ID being available on your gateway? Another time i tried to connect in this same location it took about 1-2 min. I did not know to wait that long. Perhaps un-checking IPv6 just bought me the time for the agent to register.

And does a brand new host take longer to register than a 2nd invocation of agent.exe on the same host?

Thanks for the reply, Conrad.
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