Host and Agent have different Internet ID

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jackk, User (Posts: 23)

Oct 08, 2015 11:16:50 pm EDT

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Here is the the situation:

User downloads agent and runs it, tells me the ID and password.

I login and then I do a remote install (upgrade) using a custom host msi.

In the host msi, I do NOT check the option to generate a new ID.  I do, however, set a password in the msi so I can connect.

The host runs and it closes the agent.  The Internet ID is no longer the same as the agent, so I cannot connect.

If I rerun the agent, it has the same ID as the last time I ran the agent.  If I run the host, it has the same (not the agent ID) that the host had the last time it ran.

Is there a way to make the ID so it will be the same on the host and agent?  Otherwise, it makes it more diffficult to switch from agent to host when I need longer access.

ALSO, I wish the password for the host would stay the same as the agent, so I don't have to use a pre-programmed password in the msi.

When I switch from agent to host (by using the upgrade feature in the viewer), I want the agent ID and the agent PASSWORD to transfer to the host.
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Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2589)

Oct 09, 2015 7:03:27 am EDT

Hello Jack,

Thank you for your message. First, let me tell you that in the near future we plan to introduce the feature that "converts" the Agent to a Host. That will make such scenario easier.

Still, even using the current version, everything can be simplified. Instead of running the Agent, then connecting through it and installing the Host etc. you can prepare a one-click Host installer in the MSI configurator and have the remote user run it. In the MSI configurator enable "Generate ID and send it via email" option to grab the ID of the remote PC.

Note that in many cases the only reason why customers use Agent is that it's a pure attended support tool. However, you can make the Host work as an attended-only tool as well if you need. Just enable the Ask user permission feature in the Host settings.

Hope that helps.

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