Ctrl Keys sticking all the time, it's horrible

jackk, User (Posts: 7)

Aug 08, 2016 9:20:03 pm EDT

I can't reproduce it 100% in a normal way, but I can force it to happen if I hold SHIFT while I minimize the session and then click into another program, and then release shift.  The client doesn't see me release shift that way.  When I go back to the session, shift is still active.

Although that's not an exact replica of what really happens, maybe something similar to that is happening with the ALT key sometimes when you alt tab back into the program sometimes.

I don't know if that example helps or not, but it is way to force a similar situation.

Ctrl Keys sticking all the time, it's horrible

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Aug 07, 2016 1:54:25 pm EDT

This happens all the time.  When I Alt-Tab out of the session to another window on my computer, when I go back to the session, the Alt key is stuck down, or the shift key is stuck down.  This happens multiple times per day, its horrible.  I have to completely exit the viewer and the entire program, then go back into it.  Multiple times, everyday, and it happens on multiple computers.

My local computer is Windows 10.  The computers I connect to are various, XP, 7,8,10.

It is NOT sticky keys.  I don't push the same key 5 times and activate the accessibility features.

It's like remote utilities doesn't realize that the keys have been released.

Very very very frustrating.

How to zoom in and out?

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Oct 11, 2015 7:02:59 pm EDT

Thank you.  Otherwise multi-monitor hosts are almost impossible to use.

How to zoom in and out?

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Oct 10, 2015 2:25:19 am EDT

When the host is a single monitor, I can use stretch mode on the viewer and then simply resize the window to zoom out to get a good size of the remote screen on my desktop.  When the host is multiple monitors though, and I want to see all the monitors, the stretch mode is really small and I can't zoom in much because it is so wide, it hits both sides of my local monitor... and if I use normal mode, it is way too big and I have to scroll a lot to see everything.  I need to be able to control the zoom so I can get somewhere between the 2.  I need it bigger than stretch mode, but smaller than normal mode.

In VNC, I could use the + and - keys at the top to quickly and easily zoom to whatever size needed.

Is there anything like that here?
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Windows and Internet Explorer tells users that a custom host exe is dangereous to run

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Oct 09, 2015 9:41:00 am EDT

I have no antivirus running.

Internet Explorer is Version 11.

Windows is Windows 10 (but I am pretty sure Windows 8 is the same issue).

Windows 8 and Windows 10 have "SmartScreen" filter that throws huge warnings when running programs that it doesn't know if safe or not.  To actually run them, you have to choose "More Options" and then choose an option to allow to run the program anyway.

For me personally, I don't care.  Remote users, however, are not as willing to do this because if Windows says it is dangerous, then they question it.

This crosses over to the other post I made about switching from agent to host.  They can run the agent (unmodified) without any warnings, and then I can upgrade through viewer to a modified host (without any warnings).  However, that is when the ID gets changed.

So, if I have the remote user install the unmodified host, I have to walk them through the install options and then how to create an ID after that.  If I do the agent-to-host, I still have to have them tell me the initial ID/pass (which is good because the agent puts it right in the center of the screen), but then I have to have them go into the host after upgrade and tell me the new ID.

I'm trying to simplify it so they tell me the initial ID/Pass from the agent that pops up in the center of the screen, and then, if needed, I can switch to host without having them have to go into host and get the new ID, and without them having to install modified host themselves and have the big windows warnings.

One workaround that I have played with is installing the self-hosted server at my location, and putting that address into the modified host that I use to upgrade through viewer.  That works because then I can see the new ID inside the server as soon as the viewer does the remote upgrade.  However, that seems like quite a lengthy workaround just to get the ID.

Windows and Internet Explorer tells users that a custom host exe is dangereous to run

jackk, User (Posts: 7)

Oct 08, 2015 11:24:12 pm EDT

When you create a custom host exe, and then have a user download it from a website, Internet Explorer warns the user that it is a dangerous application because it has an unknown publisher.

Then, if they do somehow get the exe on their computer and then try to run it, Windows (not Internet Explorer) gives the same warning, but even bigger across the entire screen.

Of course, it is not a dangerous program, but that warning in Internet Explorer and then in Windows makes the custom exe not very usable because people don't want to run something that Windows tells them is dangerous.

Is there a way to make the custom exe files signed with a known publisher to eliminate these warnings?
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Host and Agent have different Internet ID

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Oct 08, 2015 11:16:50 pm EDT

Here is the the situation:

User downloads agent and runs it, tells me the ID and password.

I login and then I do a remote install (upgrade) using a custom host msi.

In the host msi, I do NOT check the option to generate a new ID.  I do, however, set a password in the msi so I can connect.

The host runs and it closes the agent.  The Internet ID is no longer the same as the agent, so I cannot connect.

If I rerun the agent, it has the same ID as the last time I ran the agent.  If I run the host, it has the same (not the agent ID) that the host had the last time it ran.

Is there a way to make the ID so it will be the same on the host and agent?  Otherwise, it makes it more diffficult to switch from agent to host when I need longer access.

ALSO, I wish the password for the host would stay the same as the agent, so I don't have to use a pre-programmed password in the msi.

When I switch from agent to host (by using the upgrade feature in the viewer), I want the agent ID and the agent PASSWORD to transfer to the host.
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