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high latency tips

MaxBlitzer, User (Posts: 38)

Dec 27, 2019 1:20:33 am EST

Support level: Starter

jim sanders wrote:

Hi all, we have a 900ms 2mbit satellite connection.
RUT is mostly unusable.
Ping to the remote ip isn't perfect but VPN and other services handle it
Any ideas?

Connection to "NUC-WIN10" established.
Socket error. Name: "NUC-WIN10", host: ":5655". Exception class: "EIdConnClosedGracefully". Message: "Connection Closed Gracefully.".
Connection to "NUC-WIN10" failed.
NUC-WIN10". Unable to send mode or security check failed: <Command (command: 15)>.
removed. Mode: <Command>.
Read timed out.

Are you using a direct connection? Otherwise, you're adding ADDITIONAL delay by going through RUT relay server, which can vary fr om 50ms-200ms depending on wh ere you are.

Problem with RU Server

MaxBlitzer, User (Posts: 38)

Oct 08, 2019 11:57:56 pm EDT

Support level: Starter
Check that the PC doesn't also have firewall enabled. It may be allowing the local subnet through just fine, but not accepting the clients outside of private network.

Viewer window remains open but connection lost

MaxBlitzer, User (Posts: 38)

May 20, 2019 8:14:39 pm EDT

Support level: Starter
I'm not sure when I first observed this problem, but I believe on a fairly recent version.  The problem is that the viewer window stops updating/refreshing, and I need to close the viewer connection and open a new connection for it to work again.

Generally, I'll start some task on a remote server and expect it to finish in a minute or two.  20 minutes goes by, and I don't see the task finished.  I look closer at the taskbar and see that the clock hasn't changed in the nearly 20 minutes or whatever.  In todays case, it was like 40+ minutes where the viewer window was still open, but no refreshing of the connection was happening. I closed the Viewer's connection to the host, and the host was listed as "online" but not Logged On. I was able to get full control without having to close and reopen the Viewer app.

As I am multitasking and waiting for things to finish, having the Viewer window go stale on me really disrupts my work flow and wastes a lot of my time (this is at least the 4th time I've experienced this in last couple of months).

If the viewer connection window is staying open indefinitely without refreshing the screen or realizing the connection was interrupted and didn't reconnect, that's bad design or bugs.  In the past, I could see when connections were dropped and it would attempt reconnecting (though, I did find it often failed to reconnect and I had to manually reconnect, but at least it was obvious the connection dropped and I needed to reconnect).

Please make it so that it successfully remains connected with refreshed display, or detect when it has failed to refresh the connection and drops/reconnects the connection properly.

Connecting to clients fails authorization 1-2 times before success

MaxBlitzer, User (Posts: 38)

May 20, 2019 8:04:01 pm EDT

Support level: Starter
I've noticed sometime in the last few updates, that when I go to Full Control clients, that about 10-12 seconds is wasted on a failed first authorization attempt and the 2nd time usually succeeds.  On occasion, I've had it fail 5 times and then closing and reopening the Viewer got it to connect again, I think on the first try.  It didn't use to do this regularly.

Clients are configured for single password.

waiting for my license key

MaxBlitzer, User (Posts: 38)

May 07, 2019 7:02:47 pm EDT

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I think it was near instant.  The standard "have you checked the spam folder"? still applies, though.

RU Server active tab not showing active connection

MaxBlitzer, User (Posts: 38)

Apr 30, 2019 9:28:43 pm EDT

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Polina Krasnoborceva wrote:

Hello Max,

Thank you for your message.

The ID had letters and numbers starting with V. The ID shown didn't match any of my numerical ID's so I had a big wtf moment.

This is the Viewer ID. The Active tab in the admin console shows Viewers and Hosts that are currently using this server for a remote session. Please refer to this article  for more information.

So it was appearing under Active when it wasn't working and it's no longer appearing when it really is working. That's just backwards

Unfortunately, we couldn't reproduce the issue. However, we plan to release a newer version of Remote Utilities later today. Please try updating Host, Viewer and RU Server once the updated version is out and see if the problem persists.

Please let us know if you have more questions.

Yea, so the viewer entry appeared but nothing for the host. Can you change the display so that its clear which viewer is connected to which host (one row) instead of two different entries?

Anyway, today upgraded a host from to (seemed to work on 2nd attempt at simple update). Configured Internet ID to use my server. I check the server's Idle tab, and it shows up as my 8th host without me needing to manually refresh.
I'm currently remotely connected into the host and the Active tab is empty. No viewer, no host. Try refreshing, no change, still shows no connections.

RU Server active tab not showing active connection

MaxBlitzer, User (Posts: 38)

Apr 30, 2019 6:30:39 am EDT

Support level: Starter
I just had a problem where the viewer just stopped working (6.10.8 connecting to 6.10.5 host, server The viewer was still open to see the host's desktop and time frozen at 2:11am, and my time would be 2:19am...

I logged into the RU Server to see if it was still showing as connected. Refreshed the Idle tab, and it was there.  I refreshed the Active tab, and it showed a single entry. The ID had letters and numbers starting with V. The ID shown didn't match any of my numerical ID's so I had a big wtf moment.  The pretty only thing I expected to see when viewing this tab was the ID of the server being accessed, so that's a bug.

For the IP and Computer fields, it was the viewer's IP and computer name.  This really should be the host's Computer Name (in addition) so I can easily see which host is being accessed.

Anyway, so after 12 minutes of not being able to click or refresh the viewer window connected to the host, I performed the simple upgrade to The Viewer window still did not refresh or drop the connection despite the upgrade happening.

After a few minutes for the upgrade to finish, I just closed the viewer and reopened and reconnected manually.  I will say, the reconnect behaviour for RUT isn't very good and it's something I've had to do regularly over the years. It can say its trying to reconnect over and over, but its rare that it actually ever succeeds. It's just faster to close and do Full Control again.

So anyway, I've now reconnected to the host and its staying connected but the RUT server Active tab doesn't show it anymore. So it was appearing under Active when it wasn't working and it's no longer appearing when it really is working.  That's just backwards.

Email Notification Idea

MaxBlitzer, User (Posts: 38)

Apr 30, 2019 6:28:33 am EDT

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Shouldn't the pop up message say, "Instead, create and use a dedicated and disposable email account for the only purpose of sending Host notifications"?  The password is for the sending email account, not for receiving notifications.

Doing the simple update

MaxBlitzer, User (Posts: 38)

Apr 22, 2019 9:08:20 pm EDT

Support level: Starter
This is not very good default behaviour. You need to add the version callback after the upgrades so that the updated version string is updated and shown automatically.  It should be part of the successful upgrade verification step.

I can't get over how frustrated and confused I was when simple updates appeared to be successful but kept showing the old version.  There is absolutely no other software I can think of that behaves this way.

Constant Disconnecting

MaxBlitzer, User (Posts: 38)

Apr 17, 2019 1:35:24 am EDT

Support level: Starter

Polina Krasnoborceva wrote:


Thank you for your message.

We just released a new version of Remote Utilities where we implemented some fixes to our servers. Please, try updating Host, Viewer and RU Server to the most recent version ( for Host and Viewer and for RU Server) and see if this resolves the issue. You can download it on this page:

When you update Remote Utilities, please make sure that Viewer and Host/Agent are the same versions. Please note, that version mismatch between Viewer and Host/Agent may lead to performance issues and some features not working.

Hope that helps.

FYI, this was my first upgrade of an RU server.  Had 5-6 clients connects before hand, and now there are none.

I guess I'll try a downgrade when I get home.

Edit: PEBKAC fail. I needed to check the Idle tab instead of the Active tab.  My bad.
Edited:MaxBlitzer - Apr 17, 2019 1:42:16 am EDT
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