Screen builds up slow on Windows 10


Leo Ooms, User (Posts: 12)

Dec 08, 2016 2:46:05 pm EST

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That's exactly what I wanted to do, upgrade the remote host. So I tried to connect to it with the new version viewer.
When this didn't work I tried with the 6.3 version viewer but that didn't work out either.
I will try again later with v6.3 and if I still can't connect, I guess I will have to upgrade the remote PC tomorrow manually because I have to go there anyway.

I allready knew about the version info. I have checked that way before to make sure I have the same version on both sides after an update. Never had any real problems before though. But maybe this version upgrade is of another league.

Thanks for your feedback.

Leo Ooms, User (Posts: 12)

Dec 09, 2016 5:49:35 pm EST

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Today even with 6.3 I get connected without any hickups.
Installed 6.5 on the remote PC and tested some more.
Remote control works great as usual, even with the 6.3 host; yup, I tried that too.
So the backward compatibility is OK.
With the 6.5 host the screen builds up a lot faster. I guess it has to do with the new driver in 6.5.
Great job! Now one is able to work with a Windows 8 or 10 host without frustration.

File transfer still is slow. Looks like it was just because of the local LAN connection I tested it with yesterday that is was a bit faster. Not much traffic on the LAN was the reason I guess.
Today with the remote PC, it is its old self again being slooow. Even on the local PC changing a directory is a pain in the <bleep>. I really hope file transfer gets its makeover soon.

I still have to check out a bunch of changes in 6.5. The auto status check is nice. No more need to click anywhere to see which hosts are online.
I hope the status is accurate, because in the previous versions it sometimes indicated a host to be online while it wasn't even powered. Probably something with the server cache...

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2591)

Dec 10, 2016 8:17:44 pm EST

Hello Leo,

Yes, the File Transfer will be revamped so that directories open faster. This is on our to do list for the nearest updates.

Regarding the online status - it's the first implementation of this feature in Remote Utilities so there is a chance that some issues may appear that we don't know about. So any feedback would be helpful.

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