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Jan 14, 2019 10:50:57 am EST

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I want to install this program so my computer can connect to a desktop. Would the desktop be the host?

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2491)

Jan 16, 2019 4:40:07 am EST

Hello Kelly,

Yes, the remote computer which you want to access should have Host installed. The computer you work from should have Viewer installer.


Steen Kristiansen, User (Posts: 2)

Feb 03, 2019 5:14:59 pm EST

Support level: Free or trial
When I install the viewer, this image appears and cannot be deleted.
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Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2491)

Feb 04, 2019 9:43:38 am EST

Hello Steen,

Thank you for your message. Couple of questions:

1. Do you use the latest version of the program? The latest version as of this writing is

2. What actions produced this result? Can you reproduce this issue again?

Looking forward to your reply.

Steen Kristiansen, User (Posts: 2)

Feb 04, 2019 4:20:14 pm EST

Support level: Free or trial
Hallo Conrad

I have found out:
Delete the file config_4 in app. data and install  again.

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2491)

Feb 04, 2019 4:23:08 pm EST

Hi Steen,

Yes, that works as a workaround. I was just hoping that if it was a bug we could find a cause and possibly fix it :)

Anyway, let us know if you need any assistance in the future.


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