Remote access over LAN — connect directly to a remote PC using its IP address or DNS name. Remote access over the Internet — bypass firewalls by using our built-in and free cloud service.
Unattended access — deploy the Host module for 24/7 access to a remote PC. Attended access — provide ad hoc remote support over the Internet using the Agent module. >>
RDP-over-ID lets you start an RDP session over the Internet using Remote Utilities as transport. >> Unlimited one-to-many sessions — connect to multiple remote PCs simultaneously.
Self-hosted server — route all remote connections through your own intermediary server. >> Proxy server support — configure Remote Utilities to connect through your company's proxy server. >>
Callback (reverse) connection — another way to traverse firewalls and NAT devices. >> Connect through Host — use a single LAN PC as a gateway to connect to its peers. >>

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