Remote Access

Remote access over LAN or VPN
Establish direct connection to a remote PC using its IP address or DNS name. You can also seamlessly deploy the program in an Active Directory network.
Remote access over the Internet
Use Internet-ID connection to bypass firewalls and NAT devices when connecting over the Internet. No complicated network configuration is necessary.
Unattended access
Deploy the Host module for 24/7 access to remote workstations and servers. The Host starts automatically as a system service.
Attended access
Provide spontaneous remote support over the Internet using the Agent module. No installation and administrative rights are required.
UAC support
User Access Control (UAC) prompts can be controlled remotely and are no longer an obstacle (using Host instead of Agent is required to override UAC).
Use Remote Utilities as transport to start an RDP session over the Internet when the remote PC is not accessible directly by an IP address.
Unlimited one-to-many sessions
Multitask by connecting to multiple remote PCs at once from the same machine.
Self-hosted server
Use the self-hosted server for remote connection, address book sync and authentication.
Proxy server support
Configure Remote Utilities to connect through your company's proxy server.
Connect through Host
Use a single PC on your LAN as a gateway through which to connect to its peers on the same network.
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