Remote access

Remote access over LAN — connect directly to a remote PC using its IP address or DNS name. You can also seamlessly deploy the program in an Active Directory network.
Remote access over the Internet — bypass firewalls and NAT devices by using our built-in and free cloud service. No complicated network configuration is necessary.
Unattended access — deploy the Host module for 24/7 access to remote workstations and servers. The Host starts automatically as a system service.
Attended access — provide spontaneous remote support over the Internet using the Agent module. No installation and administrative rights are required.
RDP-over-ID — use Remote Utilities as transport to start an RDP session over the Internet when the remote PC is not accessible directly by an IP address.
Unlimited one-to-many sessions — you can multitask by connecting to multiple remote PCs at once from the same machine.
Self-hosted server — use your own routing server for remote connection and automatic address book synchronization.
Proxy server support — configure Remote Utilities to connect through your company's proxy server.
Callback (reverse) connection — traverse firewalls and NAT devices by establishing a callback connection from host to client.
Connect through Host — use a single PC on your LAN as a gateway through which to connect to its peers on the same network. More...

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