Single management console
Use the Viewer app to manage your remote connections and launch built-in tools, such as MSI Configurator.
Address books and folders
Group your remote connections into address books and folders to better organize your work.
Automatic address book sync
Use the self-hosted server to sync your address book between multiple technicians.
Active Directory support
Active Directory tree is fetched automatically when you install the Viewer on a PC that belongs to a domain.
Additional domain controllers
Add domain controllers to cover your entire Active Directory network.
Command line parameters
Write scripts and batch files and run the program executable with command line parameters.
Individual connection properties
Each remote connection in your address book can have its very own and unique connection properties.
Automatic daily backups
Remote Utilities creates automatic backups of all your address books on a daily basis.
Online status check
Check the online status of remote PCs using ping and auto-ping commands.
Save access password
Start a remote session in one click without entering the password each time you connect.
Mobile support
Use a free iOS and Android app to access your remote computers from mobile devices.
Portable Viewer
Download the portable version of the client app and run it off a USB stick.
Wake-on-LAN support
Use the wake-on-LAN feature to turn on your remote PCs from within the Viewer app when on the same network.
Desktop shortcuts
Create desktop shortcuts to launch your favorite remote connections directly from your desktop.
Network scan
Scanning for hosts lets you find PCs with Remote Utilities installed and add them to your address book in one click.
Remote settings
Change the settings of the remote module from within the admin module.
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