Session video recording
Record high-definition video of a remote session for viewing and auditing later.
Remote screen preview
Take a quick look at the remote screen without starting a session.
Sound capture
Use the sound capture mode to listen to the audio played back on the remote computer.
Drag'n'drop support
Use drag and drop to easily copy a file from a remote computer to the local one, or vice versa.
The program tries to reconnect automatically whenever a brief network disruption occurs.
Remote printing
Print a remote document on a local printer or save it in a printer-ready format.
Multi-monitor support
Use the toolbar to switch between different monitors connected to the remote computer.
Blank remote screen and lock input
Prevent the remote user from interfering with the session by blanking their screen and locking keyboard and mouse input.
Fullscreen support
Enable the fullscreen mode for better viewing. You can change view modes on-the-fly during a session.
Send CAD directly from within the program interface or set a custom key.
Clipboard sync
Synchronize clipboard contents between remote and local computers automatically or manually.
Chat panel in Full Control mode
Open a mini-chat panel right in the Full Control mode window and communicate with the remote user during the remote session.
Terminal session support
If you have a running Microsoft terminal server on the remote PC, you can switch between terminal sessions in Remote Utilities.
Keep connection alive without starting a remote session by logging on to a remote PC.
Adjust performance
Change color depth, remove wallpaper and use economode on slow networks such as Dial-up or GPRS to improve performance.
Make a screenshot of the remote screen without leaving the remote session window.
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