Connection Modes

Full control
View the remote screen, control the remote mouse pointer, send keystrokes and communicate through a chat panel.
File transfer
Copy and move files in either direction between local and remote through an encrypted channel.
Power control
Shut down, restart and lock the remote PC or turn the remote monitor on and off.
Get full access to the command line on the remote computer without interfering with the remote user's work.
Task manager
View and manage processes, windows, services and users on the remote computer.
Remote registry
Edit the remote PC registry using the interface similar to the familiar Windows regedit.exe utility.
Run applications on the remote computer by sending a command from the local computer.
Inventory manager
Generate detailed reports about hardware and software on the remote PC and save them in the format of your choice.
Run the native Microsoft RDC client from within the program and use Remote Utilities as a tunnel for RDP connection over the Internet.
Text chat
Exchange text messages with the remote user in a powerful multi-user chat mode or use a mini-chat panel right in the Full Control mode.
Voice and video chat
Engage in a voice & video conversation with the remote user.
Send message
Send a simple text message to a remote user or broadcast the message to multiple users.
Screen recorder
Schedule for taking screenshots of the remote screen at regular intervals.
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