So you’ve decided that going with the mainstream and using Microsoft Windows isn’t quite the right fit for your business. Where do you go from there? One possibility to consider is making the move to Linux. Linux is an open source operating system that requires some training but is quite easy to modify and improve upon once you have somebody experienced in its operation. More details about the pros and cons of moving to a Linux server are provided here.


One of the biggest advantages that Windows has over virtually every other operating system is that it is very easy to run and install. Linux, on the other hand, requires more consideration and customization when installing onto a server. There are many different kinds of applications available to Linux users, and the plethora of choices can sometimes become overwhelming. By comparison, Windows users only need to install and run the recommended software configurations. The winner in terms of ease of installation is Windows, although it is worth noting that Linux doesn’t require as many critical updates and reboots, so it can be more stable once you have your server up and running.