Version 6.9: Final release

We are happy to announce the final release of Remote Utilities 6.9. You can download version from our download page. For update instructions please visit Updating Remote Utilities.

This has been a massive release in terms of encryption and authorization. We implemented a more modern TLS 1.2 encryption algorithm which is the today's de facto standard for advanced remote access software. The authorization system has also been significantly improved — now you can enable several authorization methods on the Host and use them side by side.

New authorization system

Another major improvement is 2-step verification (2FA, or "2 factor authentication"). This verification acts as an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access to your Hosts. With the 2-step verification enabled — you can use a smartphone app such as Google Authenticator to view the 2FA code — no one can get access to your Host even if they guess the password.

2 factor authentication

We have also added a new Host identity check mechanism which replaced the previously used "shared secret" option. The certificate exchange between Viewer and Host takes place automatically in the background the first time you connect to that specific Host.

Host identity check

If the Viewer detects that the Host's certificate has been changed since your last connection, you will be shown a warning message. You can then make an informed decision about whether you want to go ahead with your remote session.

Certificate warning message

In RU Server we added PIN-code protection that allows you to protect against unauthorized use of your relay server for someone else's remote sessions. Enabling PIN on the server will require that you specify the same PIN in the Host settings and (optionally) in Viewer connection properties.

PIN code protection

There have been improvements on the Viewer side too, namely in connection properties. A new "Authorization" tab has been added to reflect the changes to the Host authorization system. In the Authorization tab you specify which authorization method to use to log in on the remote Host. The default choice ("Auto") will work for most users, but you can always select a specific authorization method in the dropdown list.

New authorization tab

In the Full Control and View mode we have added the Restart Agent as command. By using this command, you can restart the remote Agent with administrative privileges (if you know administrator credentials for the remote computer) and control the UAC prompt windows just like you can do with Host.

Restart Agent as

The "Security" tab has also been updated. Now the saved credentials for Single password security and Remote Utilities security can be stored separately in connection properties.

Security tab

Finally, there is a new "Log off on disconnect" option that you can enable in the "Additional properties" tab. With this option enabled you are logged off whenever you close the Full Control and View mode or when the session is terminated otherwise.

Log off on disconnect option

As always, we encourage you to join us in the community forum and share your experiences and suggestions.

Oct 20, 2018 Conrad news, remote utilities
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