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Chaim Bloch, User (Posts: 4)

Jul 08, 2020 10:30:02 pm EDT

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I sent the "one click" MSI package to a friend.  he ran it, but I did not receive an email verification.  he gave me the internet ID.  when I tried to log in, it asked for a password - I did not set one up, not did he.  Please advise.
cancel request.  I had him reset the password from his side Settings for host/ authorization.  I'm good to go now.  Thanks for "being there"!
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Polina, Support (Posts: 1156)

Jul 09, 2020 2:39:40 pm EDT

Hello Chaim,

I'm glad to hear you've figured out the issue!

The reason you might have not received the email notification is if there were any previous Host installations on this remote machine and in case if the When updating existing Hosts overwrite their Internet-ID code with the generated code checkbox was not selected during the One-Click package configuration process. Please double-check that you have all the necessary checkboxes selected on Step 3 - Advanced Options as it's shown on the following screenshot:
Online MSI configuration server error - 09 Jul 2020 02:34:08

Alternatively, if there were any previous Host installations on the remote machine, you can also clean up the traces of it as described in this full uninstallation guide, so the Host would be further installed from scratch.

Hope that helps.

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