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Free Licence with Multipe Users Query please

Mark D, User (Posts: 12)

Jan 23, 2014 8:55:22 pm EST

Hi Conrad, Thanks very much for the prompt response,  I "think" that all makes sense.

In Short:  So are saying that, one can have unlimited numbers of users connect to the Host PC (as long as those users don't have more that 10 remote hosts in their Viewers).

Does this mean that If I had 10 X remote hosts in my Viewer, I could remove 5 and then add 5 others later as long as I know the remote Host ID? Is that correct?

Free Licence with Multipe Users Query please

Mark D, User (Posts: 12)

Jan 23, 2014 7:27:55 pm EST

Apologies in advance as no doubt this has been covered already?  I am abandoning  [censored] and looking at testing our your product which looks great

Mary has 2 X PC’s (Office 1 & Office 2) requires connecting to each depending on which office she is in. In turn Mary registers for 10 free PCs.

John also assists Mary on occasion remotely from Office 3 and also needs to be able to connect to Marys PCs in Office 1 & Office 2

Admin also needs access to these 2x PC’s for general Support.

Question1: Is this possible with the Free version and if so how many Licences does this use up. In this example we have it installed on 2 PC’s with three Operators.
Question 2:
As an independent IT Support consultant with potentially my own Free Licence. If I connect to Mary’s PCs, is this using up one of her licences OR one of my free 10?

Hope this makes sense.  I am just trying to determine using this simple example of how Licencing works.  I have read the Licence purchase guide.

Edited:Mark D - Jan 23, 2014 7:29:51 pm EST
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