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David Bender, User (Posts: 2)

Jul 18, 2016 4:37:07 pm EDT

Support level: Free or trial

1st ...Nice application, see that mentioned a lot on the boards.

Q: I probably am missing the elephant in the room, but, is there a host to host chat, see a few posts back on 2014 regarding wish list.

Thank you
Edited:David Bender - Jul 18, 2016 4:37:24 pm EDT

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2591)

Jul 19, 2016 4:04:10 am EDT

Hello David,

Thank you for the kind words.

While we do have this suggestion on our wish list , it is not among our immediate priorities simply because with so many free messengers around (Skype, etc.), corporate conferencing tools and the like it would be suboptimal for us to try to replicate this functionality. Our specialization is purely remote access/remote administration, rather than communication - especially when it comes to communication between hosts rather than between admin and host.

Don't hesitate to ask me if you have other questions.

David Bender, User (Posts: 2)

Jul 19, 2016 9:59:33 am EDT

Support level: Free or trial

Makes perfect sense, focus on apps's core use.

Thank you for getting back so quickly, will with out a doubt continue to use this excellent application for what it is designed for.


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