My computer got a blue screen and now my free license is not only gone

Andrew Levin, User (Posts: 1)

Sep 30, 2019 4:54:39 pm EDT

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I recently downloaded version 6.10.10.  I love it and when we go over 10 computer we will be buying.  I set it up and all was well, then I got a blue screen on my computer.  When I got it back up my license key was gone.  I asked for another one (this was before I realized I could resend the original key) and now no matter which I put in when I press Add the key disappears and nothing is added.

It did register originally but that was before the crash.

Any ideas?

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2591)

Oct 02, 2019 4:30:30 pm EDT

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for your message.

There might be two possible causes:

1. The formatting of the key that you are copying is broken. This happens often when you copy the key from Outlook (this email client may break the formatting of our license key if you copy directly from message body).

2. The Viewer configuration file is corrupted. To fix this close Viewer, then navigate to %appdata% folder , then "Remote Utilities files" folder and locate config_4.xml file. You need to delete this file then restart the Viewer and apply your license key.

Hope that helps.

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