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Aaron McVanner, User (Posts: 9)

Sep 11, 2019 5:22:09 pm EDT

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I noticed I was having an issue authenticating to my RU server.  After logging into the server, I found that all entries, users and groups had been deleted/removed.  I have been out of town for two weeks and haven't touched the RU server setup.  I can confirm I had cloud address books because my viewer still shows them (although they now report offline).  Is there a backup of the address book I could restore?

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Polina, Support (Posts: 1173)

Sep 12, 2019 12:04:15 pm EDT

Hello Aaron,

Thank you for your message.

Is there a backup of the address book I could restore?

Yes, to migrate your address book(s) and sync settings, please copy the contents of this folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Remote Utilities - Server\data
to the same location in the new installation. You can also copy the Logs and Stat folders if you need the logs.

Also, here's a relatable KB guide on migrating the RU server installation, it might be helpful as well:

Hope that helps.

Aaron McVanner, User (Posts: 9)

Sep 12, 2019 3:09:40 pm EDT

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Hi Polina,
I don't think you are understanding my issue.  I did not migrate the RU server installation.  It is the same RU server I've had setup for a few weeks now.  I had created a few address books, users and groups.
After returning from being out of town, that is when I discovered the Viewer couldn't authenticate to the server.  At that point I logged into the server and that is when I discovered that all address books, users and groups were no longer there as in deleted.
I located the \data directory you mentioned above, but those were the address books that were now showing as offline (and couldn't sync with the RU server address book).
At that point I recreated all the address books, users and groups on the RU server.  They sync'ed up with the Viewer once I was able to authenticate the viewer with the RU server.
Some Windows Updates needed to be installed on the RU server so I rebooted that computer, which also rebooted the RU server.  Now the viewer is saying those newly created address books (and all the connections I'd established) are not offline and won't sync.

Why can't the viewer and RU server sync back up after the RU server goes offline?  When I attempt to Add Folder to an address book in the viewer, I get the following error:
Address book error - Cannot perform action.  The sync server is inaccessible or offline.

However, each connection I have created under each address book is showing as online.

Polina, Support (Posts: 1173)

Sep 12, 2019 7:12:20 pm EDT

Hello Aaron,

I am sorry for a somewhat misleading previous reply.

Unfortunately, the address book backup is not provided for the RU Server yet, but we plan to implement this feature in our future updates.

You can restore the Server address book from the Viewer's address book or its backup. The Viewer's address book backups are located in the C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Remote Utilities Files folder. Please note, note that the AppData folder may be hidden. You will need to enable "Show hidden files and folders" in your system first.
To restore the address book on the server's side, please set up a sync server role by following this guide. Then you can just drag the connections and folders to the new synced address book in the Viewer.

Please note, that the connection in the address book does not affect the Host being online or offline - it only depends on the Host being online/offline and if it's available to connect to. Also, please note that the address book synchronization does not affect the ability to connect to the Host. For more information on the connection statuses, please refer to this Documentation article.

Hope that helps.

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