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File transfer is very sloooow on directory changing

Leo Ooms, User (Posts: 11)

Dec 07, 2016 2:56:11 pm EST

File transfer is very slow on getting and changing directories.
This is very annoying, especialy when you want to quickly upload a file to one of the hosts.
It takes forever to get the initial file list and then another day to get to the directory where you want to place the file. Even on a local network. o_O
Could you please look into this? This can work much faster.
When I compare the file transfer directory changing of other remote programs with Remote Utilities, Remote Utilities is a slug and the others are turbos.
I realy like Remote Utilities for all of its functionality which in return is great compared to what others offer, but the file transfer is a bummer...
Since I don't want to install more than one remote software or an external ftp server, and I absolutely am a fan of Remote Utilities, please do something about it.
I'm sure you would make a lot of us happy.
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