Questions about keys and licenses

Jamie Ward, User (Posts: 13)

Jan 27, 2014 8:30:39 am EST

First I'd like to again say as I did in an earlier post just how happy I am to have found your product. Really great stuff!

I'll first explain my setup and how I'm testing the software before I get to my licensing question.

In my viewer I have setup the following structure to organize my machines. Home Local, Home Remote, Work Local and Work Remote.

At home I have four machines. All machine are running the host. One machine running the viewer as well. At work I have six machines. All machines are running the host. One machine is running the viewer as well. So 10 machines in total.

Side note: I really love the feature to export and import your connections. I used the software originally at home and configured everything as needed. Then I exported the file to my Dropbox. Then after installing the viewer at work, I imported the settings and as they say, everything just worked. So thank you for that.

Ok. So now is where things get messy for me in regards to the 10 PC limit for the free account. I'm taking advantage of the fact that my LAN is faster than the internet connection. That's why I have setup the "Local" and "Remote" folders. I've added the same machine to each folder. One is using the local IP address for the connection and one is using your Internet ID, but they are the same machine. When I'm on the same LAN as the machine I want to connect to, I'm using the Local machine I setup. Not the remote machine (although that would work as well.).

So while I only have 10 machines in service, I have 20 machines in my viewer. One instance of local and remote for each machine. I'm hoping this doesn't put me over a limit.
Another interesting bit of information is that 5 of my machines say "Trail version. Days left: xx.". I see this on my Work viewer location, but not on my Home viewer. So I can see that while exporting and importing the connections, the viewers are not sending license information along with that. I did license or apply the key to a few machines, but honestly I lost track of what I've done there. Is there any way to see which machine has been registered with my license key?

Thanks very much for helping me sort out this mess. Perhaps there is a way to combine both local and remote machines into one machine? And perhaps there is a good solution for syncing the license key information between the two viewers?
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Protecting host from closing

Jamie Ward, User (Posts: 13)

Jan 24, 2014 9:54:35 pm EST

Well I guess if that setting will prevent a user from right clicking the host icon and shutting it down, then yes.

I would want a password confirmation after a user clicked close host before the host would actually be closed.

Protecting host from closing

Jamie Ward, User (Posts: 13)

Jan 24, 2014 9:04:01 pm EST

This is fantastic software, so I'm sure I'm just overlooking the setting. I'm looking for a setting on the host that would password protect the host from being shut down by the user.

Thank you.
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