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Static Window Size / Dual Monitor

Larry Gray, User (Posts: 24)

Jun 05, 2014 6:57:13 am EDT

I connect to my office computer from home.  Both my office computer and home computer have two monitors.  I like to show both monitors in my viewing window and then stretch it across both of my home monitors, that way I don't have to switch between remote monitors.

The problem is that, occasionally, my connection gets interrupted.  Luckily, it does reconnect (eventually   :( )  but the viewing window tries to automatically size itself to something other than what I had before the interruption.

Is there any way to make a session remember the viewing window size?

Anton Kalugin, User (Posts: 210)

Jun 05, 2014 7:22:36 am EDT

Hello Larry,

Thank you for your message.

This solution might help you:
1. In Viewer create 2 different connections to the same Host. But give them different names (Like "Home monitor 1" and "Home monitor 2")
2. Disable Tabbed view mode (Tools -> Options -> Remote screen -> Uncheck Tabbed view checkbox -> OK)
3. Open both connections
4. Select different monitons on each connection
5. Locate connection windows on your monitors as you want

Looking forward to your reply.

Larry Gray, User (Posts: 24)

Jun 05, 2014 8:02:54 am EDT

OMG I love this! :D  

Greatly appreciate the response!  It works like a charm.

Thanks a lot for the solution!

Anton Kalugin, User (Posts: 210)

Jun 05, 2014 8:12:00 am EDT

You are welcome, Larry.  :)

Dont hesitate to ask me, if you have any questions.

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