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giuseppe sciarra, User (Posts: 7)

Oct 28, 2019 7:34:23 am EDT

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is there any eta or project to create the viewer and agent for mac os?

Polina, Support (Posts: 1156)

Oct 28, 2019 2:06:52 pm EDT

Hello Giuseppe,

Thank you for your message.

Of course, Agent and Viewer for Mac are already in development. The release of Agent/Host for Mac will follow the Viewer for Mac which we hope to release by the end of the year. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any specific ETA yet.

Please let me know if you have more questions.

Brandon Gibbon, User (Posts: 1)

Sep 10, 2020 10:16:20 am EDT

Any update to this? My customer base is going to Mac. Looking to see if there will be a release or should i look at a different software.

Polina, Support (Posts: 1156)

Sep 10, 2020 10:59:28 am EDT

Hello Brandon,

Thank you for your message.

Actually, we have already released a Beta version of Viewer for Mac. As of this writing, it's version 1.0.4.q Beta 4 which is available for the download on this page.
Here's a list of features that are already available in the most recent Beta version of Viewer for Mac and a thread where our users can provide your feedback or bug reports:

As for the Host/Agent for Mac/Linux - we plan to release it this year, but, unfortunately, we cannot provide a more specific ETA on it yet. Hopefully, we will be able to release the first beta in a few months.
However, we will make sure to notify all our users when Host/Agent for Mac/Linux is released. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Please let us know if you have more questions.

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