Setting up printer to print from Quicken

Elizabeth Munday, Guest

Jul 25, 2015 5:54:13 pm EDT

I cannot get my checks from Quicken to align properly.  I am using voucher check with one check per page.  I have tried using the fine alignment and the position on the check does not move, the alignment of the information is off and it doesn't print the category.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2591)

Jul 25, 2015 7:04:40 pm EDT

Hello Elizabeth,

Thank you for your message.

Are you using the remote printing feature in Remote Utilities and it doesn't work properly?

Elizabeth Munday, Guest

Jul 28, 2015 11:50:28 am EDT

Yes, and everything prints fine except for checks.  Checks are voucher checks 1 per page - the check prints in the middle of the page and even if I use the fine alignment and make changes, it doesn't move.  The amount paid line is also out of line with the pay to.

Hope this makes sense.  Thanks for any help you can give me

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2591)

Jul 28, 2015 3:04:08 pm EDT

Hello Elizabeth,

Remote Utilities only transfers the print file from the remote PC to the local PC in a special printer interchange format, understood by all printers. When printing the file to your physical printer on the Viewer side did you play with printer options in the standard Windows Print dialog?

Elizabeth Munday, Guest

Jul 28, 2015 4:13:28 pm EDT

No, I did not play with the printer options  :)

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2591)

Jul 29, 2015 11:13:04 am EDT


I mean you can try to adjust printing options after you received the printing request from the remote PC but before you actually send it to the printer.

In the Remote Printing window, when you click "Print all pages" or "Print selected page" you are shown a dialog window that prompts you to select the printer. Beside the dropdown printer selection menu there is a "Properties" button. Depending on your printer model the properties can provide a whole variety of options for the printing outcome.

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