Connection "Locked" after Logon attempt

benni_1995, User (Posts: 1)

Jun 30, 2014 8:01:15 am EDT

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I have 2 notebooks (XP and Windows 8.1) connected via a LAN router. I am using a free license on both notebooks and the portable viewer on an USB stick.

When I run the viewer on any of the notebooks with their Windows system, everything works well.

Now, I have generated a CD with "LiveWindows XP (SP3) PE" (Using the WinBuilder of oven project) and boot this somewhat restricted Windows on my old XP notebook. (The reason for this is: When I am on journey, I would like to use the portable viewer without needing the Windows of another computer, as I never know, how many viruses are on those computers of friend or internet cafes. If I could start my own mini-Windows from CD or USB-Stick it would be more secure.)

If I run the viewer on this mini-Windows, the connection jumps into the state "Locked" and the log file of the host tells: "Password is incorrect or error occurs". This happens, if I supply a password in the viewer settings or not (in this case, no dialog for entering the password opens). The same happens if I turn off the firewall of the host (Windows 8.1). There should not be a firewall in the mini Windows. The firewall of the router does not affect the internal traffic. The ping feature works. There is the green hook, if I enable pinging.

The event log of the viewer is empty.

I have studied topics 212 and 191, but they seem to be different.

What could be the reason?
1) May be, the mini-Windows is missing a feature being used be the logon process? (Inspite of using the portable viewer which should run by itself.)
2) The mini-Windows is "write-protected", as it runs from a CD. So no registry entries are possible.
3) ???

Does anybody have an idea? (If it would help you, I could use Wireshark to make a trace of the IP traffic.)

BTW: I have set the language of host and viewer to "English", but the connection symbol of the viewer shows the German word for "Locked", i.e. "GESPERRT". (The mini Windows is a German one.)

Anton Kalugin, User (Posts: 209)

Jun 30, 2014 10:07:07 am EDT

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I have created a tech support ticket from your message. You will be replied shortly.

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