Passwords Paste in Windows 10 Logon Screen

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BartB, User (Posts: 41)

Nov 22, 2019 7:03:06 pm EST

I wanted to share a tip with those that need to be able to paste long and complex passwords in the Windows 10 logon screen in Viewer. Since RUT Viewer does not have this ability built in, unlike other remote access software (that rhymes with BreenBronnect), here is an Autohotkey script that will send your clipboard contents as keystrokes to the password field in a logon prompt. I wrote this hastily today, as I'm setting up 4 new desktops for a client remotely and I need to be able to login quickly with a complex password.
I put the script here, feel free to review the code before running it:
Autohotkey script: Send Clipbpoard As Keystokes

And a quick tutorial on how to use it, for those not familiar with Autohotkey:
  • Download and install Autohotkey from here(or using chocolatey: choco install autohotkey).
  • Right-Click on your desktop.
  • Find "New" in the menu.
  • Click "AutoHotkey Script" inside the "New" menu.
  • Paste my script in it
  • Give the script a new name. It must end with a .ahk extension. For example: "send_clipboard_as_keystrokes.ahk"
  • Find the newly created file on your desktop and right-click it.
  • Click "Edit Script".
  • A window should have popped up, probably Notepad. If so, SUCCESS!
  • Save the File.
  • Double-click the file/icon in the desktop to run it.
  • It will run as an icon in your sys tray (look for a little green H)
Now, copy some text and then paste it using the following key sequence on your keyboard ctrl+alt+k. You should be able to paste it in a Viewer session. I've been using it all day today and it has made my life much easier.

If you have questions or issues, I will try to answer them as they pertain to my script only. For questions on how to use Autohotkey, I will refer you to their support pages. I did not write the software, I am not responsible for any bugs, or incompatibilities with your computer. I'm only sharing my script because I found it useful, and thought others might too. Someday, it may not be needed because RUT team will write the functionally into the software (hint hint).

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2591)

Nov 25, 2019 3:17:17 am EST

Hello Bart,

Thank you for the contribution. We, in turn, will consider adding the functionality into Remote Utilities in the future.

Polina, Support (Posts: 1172)

Nov 25, 2019 1:22:23 pm EST

Hello Bart,

We have reviewed the feature suggestion and added it to our wish list. We will implement it in our future updates, perhaps, in the nearest ones.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.

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