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Goran Petrovic, User (Posts: 1)

Nov 01, 2019 8:10:44 am EDT

Support level: Free or trial
The client should run invisibly in the background after the autostart. No system tray icon. What are the settings?

Polina, Support (Posts: 1156)

Nov 01, 2019 10:00:59 am EDT

Hello Goran,

Thank you for your message.

Could you please clarify if you mean hiding the Host icon from the system tray? If this is the case, hiding the Host icon from the system tray is no longer possible for security reasons. We discontinued this feature since version as this feature caused a lot of trouble with antivirus software.

However, if you don’t want the remote user to stop or restart the Host, please try enabling the Hide "Stop Host" and "Restart Host" menu items option in the Host settings, on the Interface tab:
Invisible Mode - 01 Nov 2019 09:58:48

Hope that helps.

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