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convoluted host connection

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Bill Parks, User (Posts: 1)

Feb 25, 2019 4:22:47 pm EST

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Windows 7, Remote host version
host ip is behind two routers (one mine, one isp fiber provider) and this is located in Myanmar which complicates it further as the entire country doesn't follow IANA.
Parkshost (my internal network is gateway with the host pc on
The Fiber router is Device Type: HG8045H
Description: EchoLife HG8045H GPON Terminal (CLASS B+/PRODUCT ID:2102310YYM6RH2001207)
Hardware Version: 534.B
Software Version: V3R013C10S126
Manufacture Info: 2102310YYM6RH2001207.C412
ONT Registration Status: O5(Operation state)
ONT ID: 14
and the wan info is
WAN Name Connection Status IP Acquisition Mode IP Address Subnet Mask VLAN/Priority MAC Address Connected
1_INTERNET_R_VID_1103 Connected PPPoE 1103/0 70:79:90:EE:EF:FD AlwaysOn
WAN Information
MAC Address: 70:79:90:EE:EF:FD
VLAN: 1103
Policy: Use the specified value
Priority: 0
NAT: Enable
IP Address/Subnet Mask:
DNS Servers:
and I am using port 4
1_INTERNET_R_VID_1103 1103/0 IPv4
The internal address of this is

this is a port 4 vlan off the fiber router which is vlan 1103 which is provided by 5BB ISP in Myanmar with a host of . They have an external address of (as per WhatsMyIP)  

I have access to the fiber router, and ParksHost routers, along with route tables.
This is beyond my ability to determine where the host software should point (obviously not which is where it is now) what do I change it to, and what facilities will allow me to traverse the vlan and double NAT of the two routers?  If it helps I can represent this pictorially. ParksHost router is TP-N750.  System works fine and has been bulletproof, but now I am trying to access remotely and RU was suggested.

Polina, Support (Posts: 1222)

Feb 26, 2019 8:44:42 am EST

Hello Bill,

Thank you for your message.

I recommend that you use an Internet-ID connection. It will be more convenient for your case.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you in resolving system administration issues, but it seems that you need to set up a port forwarding if you aim to use a Direct connection. Here's a list of ports used by Remote Utilities. Also please refer to a related guide on how to set up port forwarding rules for the Host.

We'll be here if you need anything else.

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