Version 6.6 of Remote Utilities has been released

Remote Utilities 6.6 is now available for download. Learn what’s new in version 6.6.

Search and navigation

Now you can do instant search across your address books in the Viewer. Start typing in the search field (1) and the Viewer will be updating the search results (3) on the fly to match your search criteria:

Version 66 Of Remote Utilities Has Been Released

Searching scope (2) is limited to the currently selected folder or address book. If you want to search in a different address book just select that book in the left pane.

The new “All connections” item in the Navigation pane works as a smart folder that lists your connections across all folders and address books:

Version 66 Of Remote Utilities Has Been Released 2

When used together with columns in the Details view the All Connections folder allows you to quickly manage your connections regardless of the folder they are located in.

Host notifications are less intrusive

Previously, if a remote user tried to install a custom Host package (e.g. a one-click installer) with the “Generate a new Internet-ID…” option selected, the program would prompt the user with a modal message. Clicking the Yes button was the necessary condition for the Host installation to continue:

Version 66 Of Remote Utilities Has Been Released 3

Similarly, a message was shown to the remote user if the “Send ID to e-mail” option was also selected during configuration. The message prompted the user to allow or deny sending an email with Host access credentials to the administrator:

Version 66 Of Remote Utilities Has Been Released 4

Starting from version 6.6 both messages are no longer shown. They were replaced with a single informational message, which is shown upon first connection to the Host:

Version 66 Of Remote Utilities Has Been Released 5

This message just tells the user that a Host with the enabled Internet-ID connection has been installed on their computer. The administrator can connect to the remote computer right away even if the user didn’t click anything yet.

Starting version 6.8 the message is not shown if the first connection was established from a Viewer registered with a PRO or SITE license.

Internet-IDs are now 12-digit and can be randomized

An Internet-ID code is now 12-digit instead of 9-digit. This was a necessary change – a 12-digit Internet-IDs add to security and overall stability of the program.

Version 66 Of Remote Utilities Has Been Released 6

Also, “fixed” (hardware-bound) Internet-IDs introduced back in version 6.5 are no more in version 6.6. Now Internet-ID codes are randomly generated as they used to be prior to version 6.5 was released. You can re-issue the Internet-ID code on a given Host and the new Internet-ID will be different from the old one. This can help with the duplication problem although this problem is very unlikely given the new 12-digit format.

Important: All previous Internet-ID formats are still supported. You do NOT have to change the IDs on your Hosts even if you update the Hosts to version 6.6.

RU Server permissions

Setting permissions for address book synchronization on the RU Server has been improved. In the security properties for a given object (address book or folder) you can now specify whether to apply permissions to the object and its children (default option), the object only or children only. In a multi-user environment, this feature can help you better organize your security policy.

Version 66 Of Remote Utilities Has Been Released 7

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Mar 29, 2017 Conrad news, remote utilities
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