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slow issues wont resolve

Bobby Mills, User (Posts: 34)

Mar 16, 2014 11:23:31 pm EDT

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Hey everyone... just needing some more input on speed issues. Ive tried all the steps listed on the forum to increase speed but nothing seems to budge. I used  [censored] on all my PC's before (free edition) but had some lag but not this bad. Ive installed the Server to run it faster... any more suggestions...

disabled Aero
Removed wallpaper
internet speeds are 30mbps conenctions
pc specs are 3GB +

More options

Bobby Mills, User (Posts: 34)

Mar 16, 2014 9:35:13 am EDT

Support level: Free or trial
Thank you for your interest and feedback. Maybe another option I would like to see with dealing with alot of PC's... anyway to see the status of Firewall/Anti-virus to see if its active and not been disabled and maybe add a Reminder setting for each PC (EX: remind me to connect back in 3 days at 3:30pm to check on system status) I set reminders on Outlook express to remind me of all this but just a suggestion.

(Again if these options are available already.. lol i cant find it :P)

Thanks as always Bobby!

More options

Bobby Mills, User (Posts: 34)

Mar 13, 2014 5:14:42 pm EDT

Support level: Free or trial
Hello everyone I'm new to remote utilities, with using other remote access software in the past i love this one and seems the community here comes together for good ideas. A few things i would like to see...

1.) Viewer - all my PC's are online 24/7 but the viewer shows their offline when their not, i have to manually login then see the PC's online ( if their is a option already for that, ive missed it sorry :). I need to know what PC's are actually online and offline. ( i have the ping set to 10 sec on all pc's)

2.)Chat - Chat seems cool and easy to use, but have option to Change your name that appears at top of chat messages that are sent and to remove pc name that the message came from.

3.)Refresh - AWESOME option keep it :)

4.) Option to run Check disk/disk defrag AUTO start certain drives and disk cleanup.
( not a biggie but would be cool and faster to have them start without full connection)

any ideas that anyone has to fix my ideas please let me know.
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