MSI Configuration

Bobby Mills, User (Posts: 34)

Jan 13, 2015 8:26:15 pm EST

v6 I configured a MSI package for personalized installation and ran into a few questions...

1.) I set it up for a One click installation, First step is to send administrator a email with username and password, under Internet ID settings do I turn on the Internet ID for the ID number or leave it off because i have custom settings..? by default it is off but I dont want to turn it on and mess up the ID it sends in email.

2.)The password for remote utilities i have tried to change it to lets say 12345678 but when I install it , it still asks for password for the user..? Is that right?

3.) I never get a email after the installation, but i get the popup saying Remote utilities installed on your pc about to send user ID and password to and i click Yes.... but No email comes (this just started, before I got them)

Thank you Too Many Issues

Bobby Mills, User (Posts: 34)

Jan 07, 2015 5:25:59 pm EST

3. Occasional connect issues with reply that "Access Denied: This connection mode is disabled in security settings on the host side"

I have noticed this to in V6, only fix on this is i have to relogon connections on the connection tab to get the certain PC back online. For some reason it seems to bounce the PC offline then Online again.

Alpha blending and Blank user screen

Bobby Mills, User (Posts: 34)

Dec 28, 2014 8:43:55 pm EST

Is there a way in the new version to use these 2 options together. Other than that v6 is a pretty good stable version. Great job

So far so good! EDITED: Found a bug

Bobby Mills, User (Posts: 34)

Dec 03, 2014 8:27:47 pm EST

So far so good with the Beta version. Some good minor fixes and tweaks added. Installed the Viewer today, the Icon for Viewer is pinned to my Task-bar, it's just a white icon... no biggie there. Didnt see any real good tools for the Viewer to use though... kinda of a let down as for PC Information containing to Network Info/PC Security Status...ect which im sure will be in a later version... but it runs very well and efficiently, which is the BEST part. I am in a thought process of installing GMS 6.0 and upgrading a Host or 2 to test this baby out all the way..but it is important to keep a remote connection alive to them PC's... dont want a bug.. :P but its almost worth it. Anyways I will let you all know what I come across. Thanks again RU!

EDITED: Trying to modify a MSI package but it gives me a error saying that it is not a actual MSI package. (downloaded version 5.6 and version 6.0 of the Host from website) I am running the Beta Viewer.
Edited:Bobby Mills - Dec 03, 2014 8:39:08 pm EST (Found Bug)

Some Ideas

Bobby Mills, User (Posts: 34)

Sep 25, 2014 8:14:53 am EDT

Some other Ideas I would like to see...

1.) Desktop Alert or Noifier. Be able to send out 1 mass message to all users Online saying Update in 15 mins or Whatever the case may be.

2.) Alot of users in my workplace have issues everyday. ( Who Doesnt ) Be nice to see something implimented to allow them to click on remote utilities Icon and Request Help or Alert to get my attention VIA the viewer instantly. I know some utilities do something around like this but their features never work.

3.) Refresh Viewer thumbnails to include Info based on OS, last Reboot time, maybe also include windows Update info to see if their are any updates all on the thumbnail of viewer ( Mouseover the PC)

4.) Reboot in safe mode with networking for Windows 7/8. Some PC's dont utilize the wireless functions some do, some dont. This could be my issue not RU.

Thats all for now. Thanks Again!


Bobby Mills, User (Posts: 34)

Aug 08, 2014 8:46:44 pm EDT

I would like to see if anyone else would like the thoughts of having a sidebar of showing which PC are online and offline. As of right now my PC'S bounce back n forth from Online/Offline within a few minutes even though their online 24/7 and I have to keep hitting Refresh Connections and sometimes then their not shown as online with a strong connection. ( I have a gateway setup on my server, so i dont use default server, so i see who all is connected to the gateway) and they show as Idle not active connections. So maybe tweak how to show which PC is actually Online and which is Offline.

Also on the gateway, if the connection is marked as "Idle" it will show on the viewer as Offline UNTIL i refrsh connections. Can that be fixed to show them online, becuase they are in fact as online, not offline.

Thanks for reading. Bobby :)

Save Viewer Info...

Bobby Mills, User (Posts: 34)

Jun 24, 2014 8:19:43 pm EDT

So today I did a system recovery on my main desktop PC and forgot to keep track of Internet ID'S to PC's and I reinstalled Viewer and it was blank and I was like WTF ... lol. But luckily I installed the GMS Server on my actual server so i was able to write down all ID'S that were connected to it, but if it wasnt for that I would of lost all pc's i had in the viewer. Is there already a feature that will save or a way to export/import data..? Thank you

Win 8.1 Professional Issue

Bobby Mills, User (Posts: 34)

Jun 23, 2014 4:02:02 pm EDT

Im currently running Viewer on a windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and a Host running Windos 8.1 pro/ media center fresh Install. When I Lock input i have it set to display a webpage i created to be shown when I lock a users screen, but it turns the screen white on the Host side and Also white on my side so I cant work on the machine. Any known issue for this..? Thanks

Action Center Integration

Bobby Mills, User (Posts: 34)

Apr 17, 2014 4:26:20 pm EDT

Action Center Integration - can we some way have it to where if any PC has a action alert it will show on the viewer in a red box around that pc and what the problem pertains.?

Thanks again

Gateway/IP issues

Bobby Mills, User (Posts: 34)

Mar 25, 2014 6:39:56 pm EDT

Ok. Rebooted my router and all PC's and made sure my custom servers were set to DNS and uncheck IPv6 and connection WORKED! I dont know what is blocking it or was blocking it. It works now.
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