unable to create IP white list

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Douglas Kuo, User (Posts: 3)

Jun 30, 2018 8:33:28 am EDT

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I tried to allow a block of IPs to allow connection from on Client but viewer (IP within range) won't connect.  

I tried the other way using black list. Same result no connection.

The only possible way to connect is to leave no IP on black \ white list.

How do fix this problem?


Conrad, Support (Posts: 2591)

Jul 02, 2018 8:13:21 am EDT

Hello Douglas,

Thank you for your message.

Are you connecting using direct connection or Internet-ID connection?

Douglas Kuo, User (Posts: 3)

Jul 02, 2018 8:22:55 am EDT

Support level: Free or trial

We are still evaluating RU.   I am using direct connection.   One PC to another PC within same office building but different IP network.

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2591)

Jul 02, 2018 8:34:25 am EDT


If it's a different network (subnet) then you should whitelist the IP address of the router in between , not the Viewer's. I assume that your router forwards packets between two local subnets in this scenario.

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