Connection problem when a computer entering into sleep mode and reopen it

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vasilis gontivos, User (Posts: 4)

Feb 23, 2017 4:24:55 pm EST

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2 machines.

1st win7 with Remote utilities viewer
2nd win10 with Remote utilities host

In the power options of the 2nd computer I've chosen 30min until sleep.
When the computer getting into sleep mode and reopen it, it shows the spotlight screen.

The problem is that I can't connect to the 2nd machine neither when it's in the lock screen nor when I login.
I must restart the host in order to login again.

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2592)

Feb 24, 2017 12:06:08 am EST

Hello Vasilis,

Thank you for your message.

If you can't connect to the 2nd Host regardless of the sleep or login status, then the issue has nothing to do with sleep or being logged in. This looks like a general connection issue. Here are two solution guides that may help you troubleshoot the issue depending on whether it's direct or Internet-ID connection:

Direct connection not working
Internet ID connection not working

Hope that helps.

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