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Mishal Leontiev, User (Posts: 9)

Oct 09, 2019 3:10:40 am EDT

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Hi, Polina.

I'm sure that there is no problem on RDP-side, I think that RU has some problem on RDP Internet-ID "tunnel".
I make similar RDP-tunnel on other remote utils (TeamVie-r and other) and there is no errors.

But after some seconds it's disconnected and I can't to reconnect to host.

In local lan or vpn I have no RDP disconnects and errors to connect just after disconnect.

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Polina, Support (Posts: 1175)

Oct 09, 2019 2:01:25 pm EDT

Hello Mishal,

Thank you for your message.

You're absolutely right. As Conrad has mentioned above, this is indeed a known issue, and it's related to how the RDP works together with RU, specifically the Internet-ID tunnel. We will try to fix this issue in our future updates.

Please let me know if you have other questions.

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