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Turn Reconnect Feature Off?

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Martin America, User (Posts: 13)

Aug 04, 2019 6:43:00 pm EDT

Is there a way to turn the reconnect feature off?
Is there a way to set the amount of time between tries?

Polina Krasnoborceva, Support (Posts: 1)

Aug 05, 2019 2:02:00 pm EDT

Hello Martin,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately, there's no such setting. The auto-reconnect feature is triggered automatically when a brief network disruption occurs. Please check your Internet/network connection to eliminate the cause of the issue. It also might be caused by some security policy or software.

I am sorry if this makes the program less useful for you.

Martin America, User (Posts: 13)

Aug 05, 2019 10:43:02 pm EDT

Thank you, Polina
These disconnects are part of our testing. We want to use your software to control a critical application/computer and we are purposely disconnecting and reconnecting the cable to simulate a failure. Disconnecting and reconnecting occasionally causes the application running on the host to crash. We will continue to test and make changes in order to make it as robust as possible.

Polina Krasnoborceva, Support (Posts: 1)

Aug 06, 2019 1:36:55 pm EDT

Hello Martin,

Thank you for the clarification.

Please do not hesitate to post another message if you have more questions.

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