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Host to Host option

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Gerald Tharrington, User (Posts: 1)

Apr 03, 2019 4:51:27 pm EDT

Support level: Free or trial
Host/Viewer installed on Win 10 build 17763

I have 2 PCs that I want to be able to host/view. Example: I have PC 1 and 2 at different locations. I want to be able to log into either PC and manage the other. How can I do this?

Polina, Support (Posts: 1222)

Apr 03, 2019 6:08:25 pm EDT

Hello Gerald,

Thank you for your message.

I want to be able to log into either PC and manage the other. How can I do this?

In order to establish a connection, you need to download and install Host and Viewer. Then you can connect fr om Viewer to Host. Here's a related guide on setting up a remote connection:
Both Host and Viewer can be installed and run on the same machine simultaneously since they don't affect each other, so you can log into any of your PCs and establish a remote connection to another one.

The Viewer is installed on the computer you use to connect to remote machines. The Viewer is wh ere you keep your address book or start a remote session. Learn more about the Viewer here:

The Host is installed on the remote PC to which you connect. Please note, that you must have administrative privileges on the computer in order to install the Host. Learn more about the Host here:

Please let us know if you have more questions.

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