Upgrade issue (Simple update)

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Ashley Griffin, User (Posts: 61)

Mar 26, 2019 1:30:48 am EDT

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Ive posted about this before, however this time i have a desktop i can get the logs from....

Viewer and server hosted locally (
Client was out of date, so used "simple update"
Resulted in the client never loading again, the folder is in the Program Files location but appears the program has gone.

So what log files do you want to work out what happened?  i have a number of clients to do, however i dont want to be driving for hours when the client goes off line like this one has .

This is about the 4-5th time this has happened, however this time i have the PC in the bench (currently)

Roel Kooyman, User (Posts: 3)

Mar 26, 2019 8:56:57 am EDT

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I had the same issue. Can you please reply to help us out?

Polina, Support (Posts: 1159)

Mar 26, 2019 11:27:37 am EDT

Hello Ashley and Roel,

This is a known issue and this is not an issue specifically with the simple update. For some reason, Windows Restart Manager (which may act as part of the msi installation procedure) fails to restart Remote Utilities Host service after the update.

We couldn't figure out exactly why this happens - there were few customers who reported this and we couldn't find a pattern, the issue happened quite randomly. We decided that we would rather completely re-write the update process to make sure the updater takes complete control over the process instead of delegating it to Microsoft's msiexec and the system. So we implemented this change in the current version (  

This fix has one downside though - unfortunately, it will not work retrospectively. The new process will start to apply when updating Hosts version (i.e. the now current version) and later.

As a workaround and an alternative to simple update, you can use the Remote Install tool. In this tool, the upgrade process uses a slightly different approach, so it should help override the problem with the restart manager.

You will need a Host msi installer to "feed" into the tool. You can download it here

Hope that helps.

Ashley Griffin, User (Posts: 61)

Mar 26, 2019 11:46:04 am EDT

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How do i recover the host of this "lost" install?  is it all installed or now a failed upgrade that needs to be re-installed?

Polina, Support (Posts: 1159)

Mar 26, 2019 5:12:29 pm EDT

Hello Ashley,

Thank you for your message.

Am I right in assuming that the installation directory is empty as if the Host was uninstalled?
Do you still have the connection in the address book in the Viewer? If yes - please try installing the Host using the Remote Install tool:

Looking forward to your reply.

Ashley Griffin, User (Posts: 61)

Mar 27, 2019 12:30:05 am EDT

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There is contents in the directory, but it doesnt look complete (see below)....  It does not show up in the viewer as thats the issue, it updates then goes off line and never returns, this is the first time ive been able to look at one as normally i just re-install.

 Volume in drive C is SYSTEM
Volume Serial Number is 1FB4-1010

Directory of C:\Program Files (x86)\Remote Utilities - Host

27/03/2019  12:28 AM    <DIR>          .
27/03/2019  12:28 AM    <DIR>          ..
16/01/2019  03:17 PM            56,560 Arabic.lg
16/01/2019  03:19 PM            42,572 Chinese Simplified.lg
16/01/2019  03:20 PM            42,834 Chinese Traditional.lg
16/01/2019  03:17 PM            60,644 Czech.lg
16/01/2019  03:17 PM            60,716 Danish.lg
16/01/2019  03:18 PM            62,768 Dutch.lg
31/12/2018  08:50 PM            60,940 English.lg
26/12/2018  03:09 PM            72,248 EULA.rtf
16/01/2019  03:16 PM            64,774 French.lg
16/01/2019  03:17 PM            63,294 German.lg
16/01/2019  03:17 PM            53,782 Hebrew.lg
16/01/2019  03:18 PM            63,348 Italian.lg
16/01/2019  03:18 PM            48,294 Japanese.lg
16/01/2019  03:18 PM            46,582 Korean.lg
25/12/2018  04:26 AM         1,377,760 libeay32.dll
27/03/2019  12:28 AM                 0 list.txt
06/03/2019  08:53 PM    <DIR>          Logs
12/03/2019  12:57 PM    <DIR>          Monitor
16/01/2019  03:18 PM            59,808 Norwegian.lg
16/01/2019  03:19 PM            61,336 Polish.lg
16/01/2019  03:20 PM            62,808 Portuguese, Brazilian.lg
16/01/2019  03:19 PM            63,146 Portuguese.lg
12/03/2019  12:57 PM    <DIR>          Printer
06/02/2019  04:40 PM         6,574,048 rfusclient.exe
06/02/2019  04:40 PM        12,872,160 rutserv.exe
16/01/2019  03:17 PM            63,484 Spanish.lg
25/12/2018  04:26 AM           346,080 ssleay32.dll
16/01/2019  03:19 PM            59,964 Swedish.lg
16/01/2019  03:19 PM            61,026 Turkish.lg
25/12/2018  04:27 AM           390,112 vp8decoder.dll
25/12/2018  04:27 AM         1,641,952 vp8encoder.dll
25/12/2018  04:27 AM           267,232 webmmux.dll
25/12/2018  04:27 AM           374,752 webmvorbisdecoder.dll
25/12/2018  04:27 AM           881,632 webmvorbisencoder.dll
             31 File(s)     25,956,656 bytes
              5 Dir(s)  26,169,860,096 bytes free

Polina, Support (Posts: 1159)

Mar 27, 2019 10:51:50 am EDT

Hello Ashley,

Thank you.

I'm afraid that the only solution here would be to completely uninstall the Host and then to install it from scratch.

I am sorry for any inconvenience.

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