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Email notification when host goes offline

Marco, User (Posts: 1)

Jul 07, 2020 2:32:12 pm EDT

Support level: Free or trial

I'm wondering if it is possible to send some kind of notification (email or android app) when a host seen from the viewer goes down/offline.
I know this is more of an Remote Management tool and not so much used for monitoring, but would love to get a headsup when a host goes offline.

At this point i'm using an other RMM tool, and hoping to switch over to RemoteUtilities.
Within this other tool i get a notification when one of my systems goes down, so i can take immediate action.
I really like RemoteUtilities (currently in a testing fase) and this is at the moment the only thing that is holding me back to switch.

Is something like this possible within RU?

Kind regards,
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