Linux Server

Rui Mendes, User (Posts: 2)

Jan 18, 2017 10:09:03 am EST

Hi Conrad,

I also think that an RU Server version for Linux is very useful, at least for enterprise environments. Most companies I've worked for moved or are moving their systems to Linux. Most of my actual work is also based on Linux systems.

Localization: adding new language

Rui Mendes, User (Posts: 2)

Jan 18, 2017 9:30:00 am EST

I am evaluating your latest package version ( and my native country language (Portugal) is not supported by your product.

I started experimenting with the portable versions by creating a copy of portuguese_brazilian.lng, rename it to portuguese.lng, changed the entry


and adapting the brazilian portuguese to european portuguese. Everything works fine as expected in the portable version.

The problem is when I create a customized version of the Host or Agent using the MSI Configuration feature: as your original MSI doesn't contain european portuguese, it's not possible to create an installer package or a standalone version of Agent with the european portuguese language. Is there a way to incorporate my portuguese file into host6.5.msi so everything works?

This is very important for portuguese customers because some words and expressions used by brazilian portuguese sound "alien" and meaningless (and with lots of errors and missing entries) for european portuguese users.

If you want I can send you my adapted file version for inclusion into future versions of your product.
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