The remote connection is slowing down and stands?

John Yiannis, User (Posts: 1)

Dec 30, 2016 6:16:09 pm EST

Remote Utilities is slow because of their own servers that translate the ID's they provide to find the other remote servers  (via internet) .... its so slow to the point that it doesn't even work.
They obviously have not upgraded their servers or even consider to support their users.
they expect us to upgrade to a paid version for a service that doesn't even work.

I am using gigabyte network cards and internet speed of 25 Mbps download with 2 Mbps upload, even with throughput  and operating at lowest speed which is "Remote Utilities" server.

question is::::::  what is the point to this software if you cannot even connect ?

might as well use other services.

I dont think Remote Utilities even cares about their users to be honest, they keep blaming the public for their problem when obviously 100% without a doubt it's their servers.

Is remote utilities planning on upgrading their servers to support their current users ?
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