Wake on LAN - what settings need to be done at the Host?

Herb S, User (Posts: 1)

Apr 25, 2016 6:52:23 pm EDT

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Hi - I've got 10 PCs at our food pantry.  7 of them work perfectly fine with RU even if they show "Offline".  (Great Prog by the way).  But 3 of them are "asleep" and cannot be called up in RU.  Double clicking their icon (showing "Offline") makes it go to a "||" for a moment then returns to "Offline".  This tells me they're asleep.  OK no problem because RU has the Wake On LAN feature.  But launching that WOL feature gives us the same result.  Double Bar, then back to Offline and no connect.  So...

At the host, what provisions do I need to make or install have Wake On LAN work?  Are there settings outside of RU that I need to invoke?


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