10 PC issue

Jason Owens, User (Posts: 1)

Dec 01, 2015 12:29:37 pm EST

Good Morning.

I do like your product and since I am a very small business (only one person) trying to decide if this is the right fit for me.  I have the free version, which I like, but I am uncertain as to if this will be viable for me.

I want to use the Agent to remote into other users computers. I understand the 10 limit though.

So, if I say remote into a users computer, and then after I am done with that session (since I will probably not be speaking to them again at all)  remove them from my connections, would that bring me back to 0 connections, or will I be at 1/10 and always be 1/10 regardless if I connect to another computer (then becoming 2/10) etc.  Is there a way to go back down to 0/10 on the free license? (and I can kinda see why that is not possible since you are trying to make money etc.   Very sorry if I have confused any of you.  Thanks for your assistance though.