Hosts unavailable

Alan Eidson, User (Posts: 2)

Apr 19, 2016 10:47:22 am EDT

The network admin had indeed blocked the ports....well, the entire ip address of RU intermediary server because the isp where RU hosts that server is known for hosting many malicious sites.  So consequently, that ip is on a black list.  

However, after removing the block, my issue remains.  

19-04-2016__09:44:28__557 Connection #355342. Connection to "Airboat". Mode: <Authorization>. Connecting...
19-04-2016__09:44:28__557 InetConnection #355342. Internet connection to Airboat (
19-04-2016__09:44:28__745 InetConnection #355342. Method "Connect" - OK. Airboat connected to ID server:
19-04-2016__09:44:30__870 Connection #355342. Connection to "Airboat" failed. Mode: <Authorization>.
19-04-2016__09:44:30__870 Context #355342 removed. Mode: <Authorization>.

I will once again have staff at the remote location uninstall and reinstall the host app.

I wish that RU would change isp

Hosts unavailable

Alan Eidson, User (Posts: 2)

Apr 14, 2016 7:58:19 pm EDT


Host and Viewer ver  Win7 Host / Viewer     Internet ID     5 Hosts

I have been able to connect using Internet ID up until a little after 2/5/16 and then none of the hosts are accessible.  I tested with my local host machine and I couldn't connect as well.  After reinstalling the host on the local test machine, I was able to connect.  I have had the staff at the remote site reinstall the Host app on one of the Host computers, but I still have no access.  This has ticked on for some time now mainly because of their availability and now i need to do maint. on the hosts.   I have affirmed that the remote host machines do have internet access and I am awaiting information fr om the network administrators to determine if any ports are blocked on the VLAN wh ere the host machines reside.  

In the meantime, the Event log gives me;

14-04-2016__18:25:37__902 Connection #807377. Connection to "my internet id". Mode: <Authorization>. Connecting...
14-04-2016__18:25:37__902 InetConnection #807377. Internet connection to "my connection name" (
14-04-2016__18:25:38__027 InetConnection #807377. Method "Connect" - OK. "my connection name" connected to ID server:
14-04-2016__18:25:38__886 Connection #807377. Connection to "my internet id" failed. Mode: <Authorization>.
14-04-2016__18:25:38__886 Context #807377 removed. Mode: <Authorization>.

Has RU made wide sweeping changes that would affect all of my hosts?
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