Five Questions

Nicodemus, User (Posts: 1)

Apr 24, 2014 5:14:19 am EDT

Support level: Free or trial
Hi guys, I'm trying the product to know if it suits my needs, and I found a little problem:

To make tests, I have viewer in a Vmware workstation virtual machine and host on an another Virtual Machine all on the same phisical computer.

On viewer I see the host computer but it appears offline until I use "refresh status option". its any option to make refresh status automatically every x seconds or minutes while viewer are running? I tried Autoping to know what computers are online but not work because the host use Internet ID (and on real case i will need internet id)

Also, When I installed the host by on click exe it sends correctly an email with the encrypted string but this string don't work on viewer add code option. I finally need to add the host to viewer manually by looking internet id and putting new password manually on host. Why?

Also, I Understand the security need to show the message advertising user of the mail being sent but... I don't want my email appears on the message! How to acomplish that?

Also, When I try to configure on click exe host to hide all, (try icon, start menu shortcuts etc) And then i need to reconfigure something directly from host, I can't. I tried to open the host installed exe file under remoteutilities directory but it shows an error. So, The only solution was uninstall host and reinstall with another reconfigured msi.

Finally, Searching your forums I see that you don't have an option similar to "browser viewer" like logmein or teamviewer's planned to have it on your servers or on self hosted? and if yes, when?

Thanks a lot for your time and work.
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